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Chromaviso's circadian lights hanging in a long row from the ceiling of a nursing home
Ane EskildsenJanuary 8, 20142 min read

Chromaviso challenges the traditional lighting industry

Chromaviso remains dedicated to user-centricity - and firmly believes that "innovative" is not something you say, but something you do. The results speak for themselves.

Since 2006, Chromaviso has made a name for itself as an unconventional player in the healthcare lighting market. It all started with the concept of "Ergonomic Lighting," which emerged from a user-driven need for functional lighting in operating rooms - developed in close collaboration with Doctor Jesper Durup from Odense University Hospital. Chromaviso further developed the product, and concept, and put Ergonomic Lighting into production. Today, there are over 300 installations of Ergonomic Lighting throughout the country in operating rooms, endoscopy departments, and imaging diagnostics. But that was just the beginning.

Circadian Lighting for Enhanced Well-being

The latest addition to Chromaviso's product range is "Ergonomic Circadian Lighting," which has a wide range of applications within the healthcare sector and any other environment where people work around the clock. Ergonomic Circadian Lighting is built around special light fixtures that are programmed to follow the natural rhythm of the day. By using Ergonomic Circadian Lighting, both patients and staff can have their circadian rhythm normalized, which promotes better treatment outcomes and enhances the well-being of the staff. In 2013, approximately 80 beds were equipped with Ergonomic Circadian Lighting, and new orders continue to come in. Furthermore, this lighting concept is part of a new sensory-stimulating concept called Curavivo.

Open innovation is the way forward

— We are driven by enthusiasm and new innovative ways of doing things, says Anders Kryger, CEO of Chromaviso. He continues:

— We are close to our users and base our approach on their needs. Dialogue and responsiveness are at the core of what we do. At the same time, we are a knowledge-based company, tailoring our communication to be relevant and engaging. We excel in providing advice and individual solutions. For us, innovation means thinking outside the box and having a purpose. At Chromaviso, we are motivated by understanding the significance of light for people and aim to create optimal conditions for patients and staff through innovative lighting design. We work closely with clinical personnel in hospitals, specializing in understanding and translating their complex needs into simple and practical lighting solutions with high user satisfaction.

Future Growth

Recently, Chromaviso has secured a contract for the delivery of Ergonomic Circadian Lighting to a new psychiatric building in Åbenrå. Additionally, there is interest in this groundbreaking lighting concept in other areas, such as elderly care. With hundreds of installations in Scandinavian hospitals, both Ergonomic Lighting and Ergonomic Circadian Lighting have become recognized lighting standards, attracting significant attention from international hospitals.

Chromaviso is part of the new growth environment surrounding Aarhus University Hospital Skejby, where MTIC MedTec Innovation Center is also located. Until 2015, Chromaviso will collaborate with Aarhus University Hospital and Glostrup Hospital to further develop the existing evidence-based knowledge about circadian lighting. The Market Maturation Fund has granted 5.3 million DKK to the project.