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What is Chroma Zona


Our ergonomic lighting, Chroma Zona®, is a zone-divided, colored, and white light solution for surgery and examination rooms. This lighting solution combines green and red light effectively, providing proven results for the work environment, procedure quality, and patient safety.

The surgery light is tailored to meet the needs of users in each individual room, featuring customized lighting settings for selected areas and workflows before, during, and after procedures. Our specially designed control system ensures that optimal lighting is always just one touch away.

Chroma Zona ergonomic lighting can be pre-programmed for all imaginable tasks in the room, such as cleaning, preparation, patient handling, and various procedures. It is beneficial to install ergonomic lighting in all rooms where screens are used or where there are varying lighting needs based on tasks and room usage. The lighting can be programmed for both normal white light and colored light, eliminating the need for additional ceiling lighting.

Lighting for patient entry/exit in the operating theatre


Lighting for surgical Procedure 1


Lighting for surgical Procedure 2


Lighting for surgical Procedure 3


Lighting for surgical procedure 4


Lighting for operating threatre cleaning

Chroma Zona Advantages


MINIMIZES REFLECTIONS AND GLARE ON SCREENSZone-divided colored light ensures that images on screens appear clear and vivid.
REDUCED EYE STRAIN AND FATIGUEThe lighting in the zones enhances visibility, allowing the staff to effortlessly see with clarity and ease.
OPTIMIZES IMAGE QUALITY ON THE SCREENWith the perfect lighting behind and in front of the screen, the contrasts emerge vividly, making the image sharper and more impressive.
INCREASES LEVEL OF DETAIL AND PRECISIONA sharp image enhances the ability to perceive subtleties and intricate details, ultimately leading to improved precision.
INCREASES CONCENTRATION AND MINIMIZES FATIGUEWhen the eyes are under less strain, concentration increases and the staff doesn't get tired as quickly.
ENHANCES SAFETY FOR PATIENTS AND STAFFBy optimizing screen images and eliminating reflections, we reduce the risk of errors.


Our unique approach to lighting design is based on six parameters that, when combined, create Chroma Zona ergonomic lighting with clinically documented effects.

  • Room Conditions
    All room conditions must be considered to avoid unintended disturbances and to ensure optimal conditions for screen work.
  • Luminance Balancing
    The room’s lighting conditions should be balanced with the light from the screen so that the screen image appears clear and is easy for the surgeon to decode.
  • Contrast Dimming
    Broad-spectrum and unsaturated colors should be used to dim the environment behind the screen and enhance focus on the screen. This also ensures a relaxation of the eye muscles.
  • Simultaneous Contrast
    The color of the background should be fine-tuned in relation to the colors of the screen images so the details on the screen appear sharper than in ordinary white light or in darkness.
  • Complementary Colors
    Complementary colors should be used to establish room lighting that is balanced and calming. This is crucial to achieve a good atmosphere and a tranquil visual working environment.
  • Chromatic Aberration
    The lighting behind the surgeon should have a color like those intended to be highlighted in the screen image, which reduces glare and disturbances. All blue light behind the surgeon should be removed to minimize screen reflections and blurring in the image.


The luminaires with ergonomic lighting are always ceiling-mounted and therefore installed directly on the ceiling or as a built-in ceiling solution. Ergonomic lighting is positioned according to optimal light distribution in the room, with a focus on the users' needs. Ergonomic lighting is controlled from a wall panel, conveniently placed in relation to operating the other electronic equipment. It is also possible to control the light from a touch screen in the sterile field – if the room is equipped with special high-tech systems. Ergonomic lighting can be easily reprogrammed if tasks requiring a different lighting setup need to be performed in the room at any given time.

The ceiling-mounted luminaires with ergonomic lighting require no separate cleaning. The specially designed control panel is intended for use in sterile environments and is easy to clean. Ergonomic lighting has been upgraded with LED and the latest technology - making it a future-proof and flexible product that can be reprogrammed and adapted to new conditions.


Värnamo Hospital

Surgery, laparoscopy, orthopedics, urology, women's clinic, plastic surgery, and gallbladder surgery are performed at the Värnamo Hospital's operations department. The department consists of a total of 10 rooms, all equipped with Ergonomic Lighting.

Experience the improved working environment at the operations department with Chroma Zona Ergonomic Lighting. Watch the video to learn more.



Britta Kraemer, Head Nurse, Gastroenterology Department, Herlev
"Seeing the vibrant ergonomic light in action was truly groundbreaking! It was simply an aha moment that left a lasting impression. This innovative product is truly revolutionary."
Majken WintherSafety Representative and Nurse, Køge Hospital, Endoscopy Department
"Ergonomic Lighting is an exceptional product. You can truly sense Chromaviso's passion for it. It was a delight to witness how considerate the salesperson was towards the patient during their visit to the ward. As a nurse, this is something I place great importance on."
Knud Venborg PedersenChief Physician at the Urology Department, Skejby
"With Ergonomic Lighting, the illumination becomes more serene and significantly enhances productivity. It provides physical relief by eliminating poor lighting and promoting a sense of tranquility. Not only does it improve visibility, but it also protects the eyes and creates a better working environment."
Peter VilmannChief Physician, Surgical Gastroenterology Department, Amtssygehuset Gentofte
"Ergonomic Lighting is the ideal illumination that is tailored to the functions of the work area in the best possible way. It successfully addresses multiple conflicting needs in the operating room, such as ultrasound and anesthesia."
Jens-Otto Skovgaard JeppesenCEO at Odense University Hospital
"Ergonomic Lighting is a prime example of user-driven innovative thinking that has transformed into a successful commercial product through product development. It embodies a growth mindset and highlights how the collaboration between the public and private sectors can create innovative products."
Lars HansenProject Manager, Medico-technical department, Skejby
"Ergonomic lighting enhances the work environment, reducing eye fatigue and making everyday tasks easier and less strenuous. With fewer instances of headaches, professionals can provide more accurate diagnoses. Visual clarity and perception of nuances are significantly improved."
Torben CasmerCoordinator, Technical department, Skejby

"Ergonomic Lighting is colored light that is tailored to different functions, allowing them to work optimally simultaneously in the same space. No strained eyes mean greater safety. We already have Ergonomic Lighting in the Day Surgery and in the Kats department - and it's a huge advancement because we have really poor lighting in many areas. New equipment and improved working environment can attract workforce. It is something that both doctors and nurses should consider."

Per JohannesenEngineer, Carl Bro

"Ergonomic Lighting is particularly relevant because more and more operations are being carried out through screens – and there is often poor general lighting in the room. It has proven useful to use colored light zones. Ergonomic Lighting is flexible and can be adapted to the different working conditions in the operating room, where many work in different roles at the same time."

Annika Loft JakobsenChief Physician, Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine Clinic, Rigshospitalet

"Ergonomic lighting is an individually tailored lighting solution. We have experienced a significant transformation in our daily lives since installing Ergonomic Lighting in our Description Room. With 10 workstations spread across 6 workstations in the same space, each equipped with individual lighting control, we can now adjust the lighting to our personal preference. Thanks to the colored light, we no longer strain our eyes to see the details on the screen, resulting in less fatigue at the end of the workday. Throughout the day, we can simply maintain our concentration for longer periods than before."

Inger CarstensenHealthcare Assistant, Gentofte Hospital

"I have been involved in laparoscopic procedures since their introduction. And often, after a day of performing these procedures, I would go home with a feeling of being trapped in a 'bubble'. My mind would feel exhausted. However, ever since we installed Ergonomic Lighting, I feel more refreshed at the end of the workday. I find that throughout the day, I am more clear-headed and have a better sense of time. The colored lighting creates a pleasant and calming atmosphere in the room."

Specialties / Areas


Ergonomic lighting has a wide range of applications in various specialties. Discover more about examples of these below. In addition, we also offer a lighting concept for open surgery.
Surgery - Laparoscopy

The lighting is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the operating theatre, providing optimal lighting conditions for all work functions.


In the endoscopy room, all work is monitored on computer, X-ray, and TV screens - Ergonomic lighting eliminates screen glare without turning off the lights.

Diagnostic Imaging

Ergonomic Lighting can be beneficially utilized in imaging diagnostic departments, where work primarily revolves around screen usage.

Describing rooms

With Ergonomic Lighting in the description room, the staff experiences a clearer enhancement of contrasts on the screens. This results in them feeling more refreshed in their eyes and head after a day's work.

Maternity ward

Ergonomic Lighting not only improves the working environment for staff but also enhances the childbirth experience for women. The color-zoned lighting helps maintain focus on the natural processes occurring in the body during labor.

Intervention room

A more conducive work environment for the staff and a pleasant atmosphere for the patients.


With ultrasound, ergonomic lighting enhances the quality of the image, making contrasts more distinct and vivid. Furthermore, this lighting reduces eye strain for the personnel who spend countless hours in front of the screen.


When it comes to endoscopic examinations, having a clear and crisp image is crucial for capturing every detail. Ergonomic lighting sets the stage for successful examinations and surgeries.

Chroma Zona


Chroma Zona Ergonomic Lighting has been extensively documented in numerous research projects. Additionally, we systematically collaborate with user surveys and practical evidence from over 130 hospitals, psychiatric departments, and nursing homes.



When you choose Chroma Zone ergonomic lighting, Chromaviso is with you every step of the way. We customize the solution to fit your needs and ensure a successful implementation. Gain an overview of the phases in our project process here.

Analysis and consultancyWe begin by carefully examining your specific needs and facilities.
Technical design and planningIn collaboration with the specialist contractor, we guarantee the technical engineering.
Technical IntegrationIn this phase, we examine existing systems and integration requirements.
Installation and deliveryThe final installation and connection, along with a technical walkthrough and commissioning.
Programming and commissioningLighting settings programming and quality assurance report.
Training and implementationTraining of users and technical staff prior to implementation.
Follow-up and serviceUser guides and follow-ups, as well as fine-tuning of the lighting.
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Do you want to learn more about how Chroma Zona® ergonomic lighting can contribute to better surgeries and work environment at your hospital? Then consult our expert.
CLAUS PUGGAARD Sales Director & Partner
CLAUS PUGGAARD Sales Director & Partner