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Enhance the quality of life for residents in nursing homes with evidence-based circadian lighting that promotes better and more restful sleep, reduces reliance on medication, and supports dementia care.

Circadian Lighting


Based on research and practical applications, there are four specific areas that are crucial to consider when discussing lighting for improving well-being and health in nursing homes. These areas combine to form a cohesive whole and provide the optimal conditions.

Light in the homeIn the senior's housing, the lighting should create a sense of security and well-being while also supporting essential functions related to care.
Light in common areasThe common areas are where most seniors spend their days, allowing them to achieve optimal exposure to the right lighting that supports valuable and desired effects.
Stimulus roomsThe Stimulistuen presents itself as a cozy room filled with sound, light, and images, precisely crafted to support severely affected dementia patients and their unique needs.
Light for staffThe staff requires the appropriate work lighting throughout the day. Additionally, they work at unconventional hours and need to maintain a healthy sleep pattern.
Chroma Zenit


Light plays a crucial role in people's well-being and health. The rhythm of light throughout the day has a significant impact on our sleep patterns, which in turn directly affects our physical and mental well-being. In the case of individuals with dementia, a controlled circadian lighting system has a strengthening effect on their sleep patterns and, consequently, a positive influence on areas such as depression and agitation.

Chroma Zenit is an automatically controlled lighting system that supports the natural circadian rhythm of both residents and staff. The lighting seamlessly blends with the natural light outside: it wakes up with the sun, reaches its peak brightness at midday, and at night, a specially designed broad-spectrum night light is activated. The composition of light during the night has a profound impact on the quality of sleep. Therefore, it is crucial for the night light to be free of blue light to avoid disrupting the process of the important sleep hormone, melatonin.


Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting at Bauneparken Nursing Home

Hear from Bauneparken Nursing Home in Hillerød municipality, how Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting has made a significant impact on both residents and staff members.

Jeanette JepsenOccupational therapist and project manager for the stimulus room, Dementia Center in Aarhus Municipality
"We wanted to document the impact we felt in our everyday lives. That's why we conducted the analysis, and the results speak for themselves - the stimulation has a clear effect. For example, on those with dementia who are angry and restless, both physically and mentally reactive. With the stimulation, they can find a place where they can calm down and feel good. And for some, that can otherwise be very difficult."
Karin JørgensenSuperintendent, Nursing Home Rosenvang
"The fact that we have chosen an evidence-based solution is extremely important. It gives meaning to the solution and garners support from our staff. The staff is delighted that it is beneficial for them, and when the solution is evidence-based, they believe more in the transformation they experience. The staff has taken pride in the fact that we have taken care of them with the circadian lighting."
Kirsten GosvigNursing Home Manager, Ålholmhjemmet
"We opted for circadian lighting to assist our elderly residents with dementia in having a better night's sleep. They frequently woke up, wandered the hallways, and desired breakfast. Our previous lighting system would awaken them and make it difficult to get them back to bed."
Gunnar Lisby KjærChairman of the social committee in Lemvig municipality
"A resounding success. That is our undeniable conclusion. There is no doubt that both residents and employees have experienced significant improvements since the new lighting system was installed at Hybenhaven."
Research and surveys


Circadian lighting has numerous beneficial effects on the physical and mental well-being of individuals. This light is specifically designed to mimic the natural light cycle throughout the day, significantly impacting our biological clock and circadian rhythm. Learn more about circadian lighting here..

We have conducted several user surveys to explore the impact of circadian lighting in nursing homes, where Chroma Zenit has been implemented. Discover below the effects and benefits that both residents and staff experience by having evidence-based circadian lighting as part of the care environment.

User survey


In studies conducted at nursing homes using Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting, residents experience:

89% more energy
89% less fatigue
89% reduced depression
88% increased calmness during waking hours
80% enhanced sense of security
78% improved sleep
78% better quality of life


User Survey


In studies conducted at nursing homes using Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting, the staff has reported:

100% Improved well-being
100% Reduced stress
100% Enhanced mood / decreased depression
91% Reduced dizziness / grogginess
91% Less tired eyes
91% Increased tranquility
82% Boost in energy
82% Decreased fatigue

Forskning & Videnskab


Our circadian lighting solutions have been documented in numerous research projects. Additionally, we systematically work with user surveys and practical evidence from over 130 hospitals, psychiatric departments, and nursing homes.
Chroma Zenit


The Stimulus room is built upon well-established methods such as light therapy, snoezelen, and sensory therapy. It combines the experiences from these methods with new possibilities in the form of an integrated setup featuring a TV screen, content like music, sounds, films, and images, as well as therapy lights. This innovative setup allows you to transform the room into any location you desire - a church, a boat, a beach, or a forest. The Stimulus room presents itself as a cozy living room without focusing on the technical installations.

On the wall, there hangs a single touch screen that allows you to control both the sound, lighting, and films. This means that you can always access the control without the risk of losing or damaging a remote control. The room is illuminated using therapy lights that can be adjusted to support the mood and activities taking place in the room. The lighting is fully integrated with the sound and images, but can also be controlled independently from the touch screen.

Stimulus room


The results speak for themselves when it comes to the beneficial effects of stimulation on severely demented individuals - these findings are based on observations of 46 residents over a 4-month period at the DemensCentrum Aarhus.
  • 100% of citizens with reduced mood experienced a positive effect from their stay in the stimulation room.
  • 93% of citizens who were very passive felt more awake and active as a result of the stimulation. The feeling of sadness disappeared for a shorter or longer period of time.
  • 86% of citizens with anger and outwardly aggressive behavior experienced an effect.
  • 83% of citizens with physical and mental restlessness (including wandering and shouting) saw a positive effect from the sensory room.
  • 75% of citizens who were seeking an escape were able to experience an effect.
  • 63% of citizens with sleep problems and circadian rhythm disturbances experienced a positive effect - being able to calm down and fall asleep in the stimulation room.
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If you want to learn more about how Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting can enhance the health and well-being of residents and staff at your nursing home, then reach out to our expert Claus.
CLAUS PUGGAARD Sales Director & Partner
CLAUS PUGGAARD Sales Director & Partner


Some of the municipalities that have implemented Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting in nursing homes and experienced significant results.

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