A health-promoting lighting solution that supports the natural circadian rhythm of patients and staff. Based on a clinically validated lighting protocol with specially developed night light.

Circadian Lighting

Ergonomic Lighting

Zoned, coloured and white lighting for operating and examination rooms. This lighting solution consists of an effective combination of green and red light that provides documented results with regard to working environment, quality and safety.

Ergonomic Lighting
Ergonomic Lighting – better screen, less fatigue, fewer mistakes
Circadian Lighting – see it on Aarhus University Hospital
Ergonomic Lighting – Zoned lighting creates the right light for everyone at the same time
Chroma Zenit - a non-pharmaceutical intervention

Knowledge about lighting

At Chromaviso, we are driven by understanding the effect of light on people and how we can create optimal conditions for the users through health-promoting lighting design.


With Ergonomic Lighting, Centralsjukhuset will have the highest standard in lighting solutions. The control works really well and can be adapted to the work in the specific room.

Linus Idemark, Project Manager, Sweco

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