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Chromaviso A/S, edition of Juni 2020


1.1 Chromaviso A/S and Chromaviso AB (hereinafter referred to as Chromaviso) grants a warranty to the customer of any product subject to the below-mentioned warranty and which meet the criteria mentioned in this document.

1.2 The warranty is valid for products installed in the EU or EFTA countries as long as the products remain in their original place of installation at the time of the detection of any failure or defect.

1.3 The warranty covers all products invoiced from Chromaviso, from January 2020.


2.1 Chromaviso guarantees that the product, including its individual structural parts, is free from any production and/or material defects during the warranty period mentioned in Clause 5.

2.2 The basic requirements for obtaining service under this warranty is that the product has been installed correctly, and that use and maintenance of the product are handled accordingly to the technical specifications. Any use of the product must always follow the law of the country in which it is installed.

2.3 The warranty does not cover the following:

2.3.1 Ordinary wear and tear, scratches, corrosion and other defects which have occurred due to mechanical wear.

2.3.2 Conditions outside of Chromaviso’s control, such as

  • Weather conditions, theft and vandalism
  • Incorrect storage, incorrect installation and incorrect handling
  • Unauthorized modification or repair of the product
  • Ambient temperatures exceeding a maximum of 40°C
  • Overvoltage or fault voltage

2.4  The warranty is valid at a nominal error rate of 0% at an operation time of up to 8.760 (8.784) hours per year.

2.5 There is no obligation to register the products.


3.1    Complaints under this warranty must be sent to Chromaviso as a physical letter or via e-mail to the following address:

Chromaviso A/S
Finlandsgade 25A, 8200 Aarhus N

3.2 In case of complaints the customer must notify Chromaviso as soon as possible and no later than 15 working days after detection of the defect. The inquiry must be carried out as a Return Material Authorization (RMA) and contain a detailed description of the defect. An RMA number can be acquired via before mentioned email address.

3.3 Upon request of Chromaviso the customer is obliged to send the defected product to Chromaviso for inspection and repair of the defect.


4.1    If the product is defected Chromaviso shall provide one of the following services to the customer at the discretion of Chromaviso:

a)    Repair of the defected product using similar new or reused, thoroughly tested components.
b)    Replace the defected product with a new and similar product.

Discrepancies in appearance and output are made with the use of new components due to technological developments.

4.2 In connection with a complaint the defected product(s) is (are) send to Chromaviso. If there is a serial or control error the rectification can be carried out at the installation side. The decision thereof will be taken by Chromaviso upon receiv- ing the RMA.

4.3 When a product is defective the repair service will be free of charge for the customer. If the product is not defective the customer will be invoiced for the work done associated with the complaint.

4.4 The customer can be offered a loan product in order to keep the operation of the installation running, while service is carried out. The customer will be billed for the loan product and credited when the loan product is returned.

4.5 The customer shall carry all costs associated with dismantling, shipping and reinstallation, hereunder working hours and special equipment used during the process.

4.6 Any repaired product retains its original warranty period.


5.1 The warranty period starts at the technical commissioning date, but a maximum of 3 months after the invoice date.

5.2 The warranty period depends on the type of product and sounds as follows:

5 years for lighting fixtures: cabinet and LED-modules ≥ 50.000 operating hours, cf. the product datasheet

3 years for lighting fixtures: cabinet and LED-modules < 50.000 operating hours, cf. the product datasheet

2 years for LED-drivers, system components, control panels, wear parts and other parts


6.1 The warranty only applies to products that remain installed at their original installation location.