Turn key solutions

At Chromaviso, we provide turn-key solutions. We are acclaimed for our high level of service and thorough project processes.

We provide quality solutions that include analysis of user needs, consultancy, planning, programming, delivery, test of installation, putting into operation, training and fine adjustment followed by follow-up and continuous service. An installation is not successful until the light works perfectly – and the users are satisfied.

During the planning phase, we worked closely together with Chromaviso, and together, we went over room by room. This means that we hit the mark the first time around. This is amazing, considering that this is the largest and most advanced installation in Sweden

Linus Idemark, Project Manager, Sweco

The users are in focus
Are solutions are customised to the needs of the users. Therefore, dialogue with users is a ongoing element of our projects, at first during the preliminary phase, where we uncover needs and requirements.

Once the lighting solution has been implemented, we take time teaching the users to use the light and make the final adjustments in order for the solution to achieve a high level of usability and satisfaction.


We are at the forefront of technological development – and our products are upgraded with the latest LED technology. We develop our own touch screens, panels and advanced control systems. All our efforts originate from a desire to create optimal conditions for patients and staff through innovative lighting design.

We have not had many errors along the way, and we have used tested and documented components. The system functions stably today, and I expect the solution to be reliable in the long term

Søren Busch Madsen, Project Manager, Wicotec Kirkebjerg.