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The new hospital expansion on the Faroe Islands in sunny weather seen from the beach
Ane EskildsenApril 11, 20224 min read

New Hospital Expansion on the Faroe Islands Gets Circadian Lighting

Danish company Chromaviso is behind the project, which will be a flagship for the development of Circadian Lighting solutions.

The new hospital building spans 14,000 square meters across 6 floors. The client has opted for Circadian Lighting throughout the facility, with completion expected in early 2023. The Circadian Lighting system aims to support patient treatment and improve the working environment for the staff. The installation is being carried out by ELFO, a Faroese company responsible for all electrical work in the new hospital construction.

— This is an incredibly exciting and innovative project. It's the first time we are installing Circadian Lighting, but it has been remarkably easy, with few challenges along the way, says Arne Debess, Technical Director and co-owner of ELFO.

The Circadian Lighting is being installed in patient rooms, corridors, common areas, offices, and monitoring stations. According to Chromaviso's project engineer, Kasper Borring Dall, the comprehensive implementation of the Circadian Lighting solution is noteworthy.

— What makes this solution unique is its pervasive presence across all areas of the hospital. It is an advanced system that promotes well-being, and from a technical standpoint, it is both compact and straightforward, he explains.

Open doors on a long hospital corridor in Torshavn, where Chromaviso's lighting solutions hang from the ceiling

Open System

The control in the Circadian Lighting solution is DMX.

— We are used to working with DALI/KNX, but in this project, it is DMX. It provides new possibilities, and it is a very simple control principle. Chromaviso has provided the entire output part, which includes DMX control and fixtures, and we have provided the entire input part, such as the controls - and the collaboration has been smooth, says Arne Debess.

The controls consist of KNX switches that ELFO has delivered and installed. The switches are engraved with Chromaviso's icons and text tailored to the different specialities, making it easy for users to operate.

The DMX system is the most suitable system for dynamic lighting installations in a multi-coloured universe because it is developed to create smooth, natural transitions in the light, and there is full control over the brightness down to just above zero. Additionally, DMX is optimal for large, globally synchronized lighting systems.

— The system is very simple. It is KNX or Ethernet input to one controller, which outputs DMX to the fixtures. We have removed the complexity from the system, and it is a huge advantage for the hospital - there is very little that can go wrong, says Kasper Borring Dall.

This means that changes and maintenance can easily be carried out in the system. Each floor has its own DMX control, whereas a similar DALI system would have required many small, individual networks. At the same time, a smooth integration has been made between the DMX system and the hospital's CTS.

Man uses Chromaviso's control panel

Customization for Each Department

The new hospital building will house various specialities such as medical departments, post-operation, rehabilitation, maternity wards, neonatal, and psychiatry. The Circadian Lighting is tailored to each department and will undergo further adjustments after its implementation.

— When patients and staff move in and experience the lighting for the first time, we engage in a dialogue with each department to customize the lighting according to their specific needs and workflow, explains Kasper Borring Dall. He further anticipates natural adaptations in terms of the timing of the Circadian Lighting, the addition of light zones in multiple rooms, and adjustments to the light levels.

The Circadian Lighting system is based on an open system with remote access and online service. This means that the staff can easily and swiftly collaborate with Chromaviso's specialists to make any necessary adjustments in the future. Additionally, Chromaviso can service the system through remote access, ensuring high reliability.

The new hospital project in Torshavn seen from the outside at night

High expectations

ELFO is excited for the system to be put into use.

— We are really looking forward to the users moving in. The light is clear and it works. It has been a smooth process without any problems. The small challenges we encountered along the way were quickly resolved in collaboration with Chromaviso. We expect the lighting to be highly reliable in the future, and the more reliable the system is, the better, says Arne Debess and adds:

— The clinical staff is also looking forward to the new lights. They seem curious and positive, so it's really great.

About the solution

  • The new hospital building is a massive project, spanning 14,000 square meters and featuring a total of 1423 fixtures.

  • The facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including 6 touchscreens for operation and 209 control panels.

  • The lighting system, based on the innovative DMX technology, will be remotely accessible, allowing Chromaviso to monitor, service, and customize the system from their headquarters in Aarhus.
  • Integration with the hospital's CTS (Control and Monitoring System) will ensure seamless operation and coordination.
  • The solution is built on standardized components, ensuring easy maintenance and availability of spare parts.
  • The lamps, specifically designed by Chromaviso for the healthcare sector, come in various types, including the versatile HALO with 3 and 6 channels, Chroma Line for night lighting, Chroma Mirror for bathrooms, and Chromaviso Spot for offices and patient rooms.

What sets this lighting system apart is its synchronization with the natural rhythm of daylight, ranging from 1800 K to 6500 K. This ensures a dynamic and harmonious lighting experience throughout the hospital, promoting well-being and enhancing the healing environment.