Integrated lighting solution at Skaraborg Hospital, Skövde

Skaraborg Hospital, Skövde is building a new, modern emergency hospital (AS-Blocket) – with Chromaviso health promoting lighting.  

“We did a deep cost-benefit analysis of price, products, services, and level of evidence, and we chose Chromaviso. Chromaviso is a very competent and reliable partner. They have the essential knowledge and evidence to ensure the health effects on patients and staff, and their solution is the highest standard in terms of design, products, guarantees, services, and commissioning. We feel very confident that the lighting at Skövde will be a success, as it has been at other large hospital projects,” says Leif Fransson, director at SP Gruppen and Linus Idermark, partner at Tribus, who is the advisors of the project.

The solution

40.000 square meters integrated lighting solution customized for the different areas of specialties and with diagnose specific lighting protocols to ensure optimal conditions for the treatment of critically ill patients and the work and well-being of staff.

  • Chroma Zenit evidence-based circadian light in intensive care, post-operative, and emergency units in integration with the Chroma Sound, “music as medicine” – evidence-based music to ensure recovery and highest integrity.
  • Ergonomic Lighting in 12 operation theaters, 2 Hybrid-OR´s with keyhole surgery, open surgery, and image diagnostics.

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