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Ergonomisk lys fra Chromaviso på operationsgangen på NÄL
Ane EskildsenAugust 11, 20234 min read

Ergonomic lighting at NÄL creates a better working environment

North Älvsborg County Hospital, NÄL, has received a state-of-the-art operating suite with the latest equipment and Ergonomic Lighting from Chromaviso. The lighting solution is used for both endoscopic and open surgery.

The operating suite features walls that are modular and flexible in design, incorporating the latest advancements in video management, soundproofing, and a ventilation system that greatly enhances hygiene standards.

In addition, the Danish lighting concept Ergonomic Lighting from Chromaviso is installed in all operating rooms, which is also used in several Swedish hospitals. This zone-divided, colored lighting is specifically developed for operating and examination rooms.

— Ergonomic Lighting is a standard. I want it in all operating rooms, says Gunilla Bodén-Olsson, project manager for the Näl Operation/Sterile Central Reconstruction project.

Doctors and nurses are also extremely satisfied with the lighting solution:

— Previously, we worked in darkness or in completely white light, so we are very happy with Ergonomic Lighting. It is very comfortable to work in, as we spend many hours in the operating room each day, explains Maria Jakobsen, a nurse and participant in the reconstruction project's project group.

Lighting options for before, during, and after

Ergonomic Lighting consists of a range of light settings for before, during, and after procedures. A bright and powerful light is used for cleaning and preparation, a warm light is used for patient reception, and different settings with colored and white light are used for surgery, depending on screens and procedures. Additionally, a white spotlight is placed at the writing station in the room.

— We use the different settings depending on the operation. For endoscopy, we choose the green light on the screen and the red light behind the surgeons. For pacemaker procedures, we use the light in reverse. The combination of the two colors is really effective, explains Maria Jakobsen, highlighting the impact of the lighting.

— We can see the image on the screen more clearly, and our surgeons work well in the light. For example, ear surgeons are very happy with the lighting because they alternate between looking down into the patient's throat and looking up at the screen.

The lighting solution consists of the effective combination of green and red light, which has been proven to provide significant benefits in terms of work environment, procedure quality, and patient safety. Developed by Chromaviso, this concept has been documented to improve visual conditions, reduce reflection, and enhance contrast. Moreover, the lighting also leads to reduced fatigue and increased concentration among surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses.

Lighting for open surgery

The lighting solution at NÄL also includes a new specially developed setting for open surgery. By adjusting the room lighting and reducing the brightness of the operating lamp, a comfortable lighting environment is achieved, minimizing glare and flickering when shifting focus from the surgical field to the surrounding area.

— The white light works very well for open surgeries, such as hip operations, which we have many of. It provides a bright and pleasant illumination, with minimal difference between the operating lamp and the room lighting. It's much better for the eyes, explains Maria Jakobsen.

Sygeplejerske anvender Chromavisos betjeningspanel på operationsstue

Easy control system

The lighting is operated through a specially designed control panel with nine settings that the staff can choose from depending on the operation and situation.

— We have had a really good process of testing the lighting and then adjusting it to fit our work. It is very easy to operate today, concludes Maria Jakobsen.

The new operating suite was ready in 2015.


About the solution at NÄL, Trollhättan

  • Turnkey solution for a full operating suite with four operating rooms – all equipped with Ergonomic Lighting.
  • Some of the other equipment in the operating suite includes: modular and flexible constructed walls, state-of-the-art video management technologies, sound insulation, and an efficient ventilation system.
  • Medirum has been responsible for the comprehensive total solution.


Lighting options for before, during, and after procedures

The lighting solution offers nine different light settings for before, during, and after procedures, including a specific setting for open surgery.

  • Setup - a powerful white light,
  • Patient in the room - a warm welcome
  • Green HO - open surgery
  • PaceMaker
  • A-scopi Green HO
  • A-scopi Green VE
  • Red against the back wall
  • Daylight
  • Turn off

About Ergonomic Lighting

Ergonomic Lighting is a zone-divided, colored lighting system for operating and examination rooms. This innovative lighting solution combines green and red lights, which have been proven to deliver outstanding results in terms of the work environment, procedure quality, and patient safety.

The lighting is customized to meet the specific needs of each room and includes tailored light settings for different zones and workflows before, during, and after procedures. With a specially designed control panel, the optimal lighting is always just a press away.

Today, Ergonomic Lighting has become the standard in most hospitals across Scandinavia, and an increasing number of newly constructed healthcare facilities are choosing to install Ergonomic Lighting in all of their operating rooms. Read more here.