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Claus Puggaard from Chromaviso talks to healthcare staff about the many advantages of ergonomic lighting in operating theatres
Ane EskildsenJanuary 4, 20164 min read

Ergonomic Lighting in the Intervention Centre at Skaraborg Hospital

Ergonomic Lighting is being utilized at the intervention centre at Skaraborg Hospital in Sweden to create a conducive work environment. Improved screen visibility, better image quality, and enhanced contrasts are just some of the positive outcomes.

Skaraborg Hospital expanded in 2012 with a new intervention centre. As part of the construction process, the decision was made to install Ergonomic Lighting, developed by the innovative Danish company Chromaviso. Chromaviso specializes in health-promoting lighting solutions and has created the Ergonomic Lighting concept after extensive discussions with doctors and nurses throughout Scandinavia.

— It provides a soothing and comfortable light. With surgeries and interventions lasting approximately 12 hours daily, lighting is crucial for us. Ergonomic Lighting has made a significant difference. We are no longer as fatigued, says Gunilla Björck, radiology nurse.

Operating room with Ergonomic Lighting in green and red nuances

Improved visibility of images

The lighting solution is developed to enhance the work environment, quality, and safety. At Skaraborg Hospital, the lighting concept has yielded positive results.

— I have better screen visibility. I can see the images better in Ergonomic Lighting, especially in terms of contrasts, says Jason Stewart, a cardiology specialist.

The improved contrasts are one of the advantages of using red light behind the screen and complementary green light behind the intervening personnel for X-ray images, whereas the colour zones are reversed for procedures like laparoscopy. Coloured lighting reduces reflections on the screens.

Zoned coloured lighting

During an operation or intervention, the room is divided into coloured light zones that are tailored to different working functions. A powerful white light is used for preparation and cleaning, simulating daylight and supporting the body's circadian rhythm for optimal health. When a patient arrives in the room, a calming and warm patient light is turned on.

— It provides a flexible lighting solution for both before, during, and after procedures. We have different settings depending on the procedure we are performing and the placement of the screens. This means that we always have the appropriate lighting for the intervention we are conducting. And when our needs change, we have the ability to adjust the lighting, explains Gunilla Björck. She also mentions that the lighting is effective in helping to locate the right medication and equipment.

Healthcare personnel stand and prepare for surgery in the operating theatre

Ergonomic Lighting is a groundbreaking lighting solution developed by Chromaviso, which combines the complementary colours of red and green light. This innovative concept has proven to be highly effective in creating a balanced work environment and optimizing lighting conditions for personnel at Skaraborg Hospital in Sweden. The green light positioned behind the screens enhances screen visibility, improves contrasts, and reduces eye strain. On the other hand, the red light minimizes glare and reflections on the screens, ensuring a comfortable and productive atmosphere for the rest of the staff in the room. Additionally, there is a white spot of light specifically designed for anesthesiologists to enhance visibility during procedures. By utilizing this unique combination of colours, Ergonomic Lighting not only improves the work environment but also enhances the quality and safety of procedures, ultimately benefiting both staff and patients.

In addition to the operating and intervention rooms, the department has also implemented Ergonomic Lighting in four diagnostic imaging manoeuvre rooms. In these rooms, red light is used behind the screen, while green light is placed behind the staff at the intervention table.

Easy operation - optimal lighting at the touch of a button

The operation of the lighting system has been specially designed to ensure ease for the staff when changing light settings. In the operating rooms, the staff can choose from a range of preset options. These settings have been carefully selected based on the department's needs, workflows, and Chromaviso's documented user behavior from similar installations. This guarantees high usability and satisfaction among the staff.

The operation of the lighting system has been highly effective and user-friendly, according to Gunilla Björck. She explains that it is easy to switch between settings, and they use it multiple times daily. Overall, they have been extremely satisfied with the solution and the collaboration with Chromaviso.


About the solution at Skaraborg Hospital, Skövde

  • The intervention center at Skaraborg Hospital in Sweden is equipped with 1 large Hybrid room, 1 ablation room, 1 PCI room, 2 operating rooms, 4 maneuver rooms, and 3 diagnostic imaging stations, all featuring the innovative Ergonomic Lighting.
  • The department performs 4-5 surgeries per operating room daily, totaling approximately 12 hours per room each day.
  • All rooms are equipped with Chromaviso's blue control panel, featuring multiple basic settings.
  • Here are some examples of the different settings available:
    • Cleaning – a bright white light
    • Patient in/out – a warm welcome
    • Open surgery

About Ergonomic Lighting

Ergonomic Lighting is a zone-divided, coloured lighting system for operating and examination rooms. This innovative lighting solution combines green and red light to deliver documented results in terms of work environment, procedure quality, and patient safety.

The lighting is tailored to the specific needs of each room, with customized light settings for selected zones and workflows before, during, and after procedures. A specially designed control system ensures that the optimal lighting is always just a touch away.

Ergonomic Lighting has become the standard lighting solution in most hospitals throughout Scandinavia, and an increasing number of newly built hospitals are choosing to install Ergonomic Lighting in all their operating rooms.