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Ane EskildsenFebruary 11, 20163 min read

Södersjukhuset improves work environment with Ergonomic Lighting

Since 2007, Södersjukhuset in Stockholm has been using Ergonomic Lighting from Chromaviso. The first room was a gynecological operating room, and since then, several rooms with different specialties have been added, including gastro, orthopedics, and ERCP. The focus remains the same across all rooms: Improved work environment.

When a patient enters an operating room at Södersjukhuset, the staff turns on the warm white light. It is designed to create a good and calm atmosphere for the patient, who may be nervous before a surgery.

— When we are ready to start the operation, we choose the light that is suitable for the procedure we are about to perform. If it's an X-ray, we choose red light behind the screen and green light in the room. If it's an endoscopy, we choose the opposite light with green light behind the screen, explains Ellenor Söderlund, an anesthesia nurse.

The right light for all professional groups

In the operating rooms, the staff has a total of nine settings to choose from before, during, and after the procedure. The lighting settings during the operation consist of colored lights in different zones, specially designed for each procedure, the workflow of the room, and the placement of the screens.

— We see very well with the green and red light. The image on the screen is better for the surgeon, and we have good working light in which we can also take notes. We are very happy to work in Ergonomic Lighting, says Ellenor Söderlund.

The zone-divided lighting allows for the selection of white or colored zones for specific tasks, ensuring that all professional groups have the appropriate light simultaneously. The red light enhances the gray tones in an X-ray image, while the green light reduces glare and reflection.

Surgeons perform surgery with ergonomic lighting from Chromaviso

Long days make lighting particularly important

Operating room nurse Kajsa Majlund often spends 8 hours a day in an operating room with the doctor and other staff. Therefore, lighting is of great importance to her.

— Before we had Ergonomic Lighting, we were in the dark. It was difficult to see the instruments. Today, we have both light and a better screen image with clearer contrasts. We are very satisfied, says Kajsa Majlund.

Improved work environment

Ergonomic Lighting is a specialized lighting system that has been in existence since 2006, and today there are over 700 installations across Scandinavia. The lighting concept is characterized by the effective combination of red and green light, which has a user-documented positive impact on both work environment, quality, and safety.

— Our eyes get less tired. I feel less strained. It is a significant improvement for us, and our work environment has become much better. We are particularly happy with the combination of the red and green light simultaneously, says Ellenor Söderlund.

Chromaviso has developed the red-green lighting concept based on years of knowledge in lighting and collaboration with doctors and researchers in the healthcare sector.

Daylight simulation provides energy between surgeries

When the operation is over, the light is easily switched to bright white light, and the cleaning begins, followed by preparation for the next operation.

— The bright white light is really good and gives energy. We should remember to use it during winter when we need the light, says Ellenor Söderlund.

When Ergonomic Lighting was installed at Södersjukhuset, Chromaviso provided both technical and clinical staff with instructions on using the lighting system, as well as education on the importance of light for the staff's work and well-being.

Lighting settings

The lighting is tailored to the users' needs in each room and includes customized lighting settings for before, during, and after procedures. The light is controlled through Chromaviso's specially designed control panel, ensuring that the right light is always just a button press away.

Here are some of the lighting settings at Södersjukhuset:
  • Vitt ljus till städning/ dagljus (White light for cleaning/daylight)
  • Varmt vitt till patient in/ yt (Warm white light for patient in/out)
  • TEP, Gynekologisk Skopi
  • Coloskopi
  • Endoskopi

Additionally, the light can be adjusted up or down or turned off as needed.