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Senior doctor Mikkel Seyer-Hansen in surgery in ergonomic lighting
Ane EskildsenFebruary 16, 20163 min read

Colored Surgical Lighting Reduces Fatigue and Alleviates Strained Eyes

As the number of endoscopic surgeries continues to rise, there is an increasing focus on the fact that while this gentle method benefits patients, it can be physically demanding for surgeons who spend hours in front of screens. That's why more and more hospitals in Scandinavia are choosing to install Ergonomic Lighting in their operating rooms. This innovative lighting solution reduces fatigue and eye strain, ultimately improving patient safety and the working environment.

At Aarhus University Hospital, Ergonomic Lighting has been installed in approximately 100 different rooms. One of the new rooms is an operating room for gynecological surgeries - both endoscopic and open surgeries. In this room, the lighting solution has been installed using the latest LED technology, along with an interface with the Karl Storz touch screen in the sterile field.

Dr. Mikkel Seyer-Hansen, who works on the room on a daily basis, shares his experience with the lighting:

— We spend hours on end in surgeries, so the lighting is crucial. I feel less tired in the new lighting and my eyes are less strained. I am very happy with it. It makes a significant difference.

Surgeon looks intensely at monitor during sugery

Combination of green and red

Ergonomic Lighting is a zone-divided, colored, and white light for operating and examination rooms involving screen work. The lighting solution consists of the effective combination of complementary colors, green and red light.

— The contrasts are pleasant and very distinct in the green and red light, explains Mikkel Seyer-Hansen.

During endoscopic surgery, the room is divided into several light zones. Green light behind the screen ensures high image quality, minimizes reflection, and relaxes the eye. Red ambient lighting reduces glare and ensures good lighting conditions for doctors and nurses to work, retrieve equipment, and document. At the same time, anesthesia has a white light zone to observe the patient and find medication.

Surgeons doing a procedure in ergonomic lighting from Chromaviso

The colored lighting has a significant impact on all healthcare professionals in the room, Mikkel Seyer-Hansen explains:

— Now, nurses can easily perform their tasks of locating instruments, making it a better working environment for them as well.

Long operations demand optimal conditions

— We are a small team at Skejby, and we perform approximately 400 surgeries per year. These are complex endoscopic procedures we carry out. We operate on 2-3 patients, four days a week, with each surgery taking between one and four hours. Additionally, we have to stand in different positions and perform delicate movements. It can be quite exhausting, says Mikkel Seyer-Hansen, continuing:

— In this context, Ergonomic Lighting is helpful. When the contrast in the image is not optimal, one starts to focus and strain the eyes, and that can be tiring.

According to Mikkel Seyer-Hansen, it's often the margins that determine whether they can make it through the third long surgery. He personally experiences a drop in performance after three and a half hours.

— The pace slows down, but if I manage to avoid eye fatigue, it becomes a bit easier. I don't notice the green light during surgery, and it's clear that I feel fresher when the operation is over. I can feel a noticeable difference compared to when we used to turn off all the lights during surgery, he explains.

Three surgeons - open sugery

Tailored to each individual room

Claus Puggaard, Sales Director and Partner at Chromaviso, explains the high level of customer satisfaction with the combination of an innovative lighting concept tailored to each room, high-quality products, a user-friendly control panel, and thorough implementation.

— When we receive an order, we analyze the needs of the room and engage in dialogue with the project team, the medical technology department, and the users. Once the lighting solution is installed, we follow up with user training and fine-tuning, ensuring that each room receives precise lighting settings that are suitable for its specific requirements, he says.

Lighting settings in the Gynecological Operating Room at Skejby:

  • Cleaning
  • Patient lighting
  • Right laparoscopy
  • Left laparoscopy
  • Upper laparoscopy
  • Lower laparoscopy
  • Ultralight
  • Open surgery
  • Venflon light