An entire operation building, Karlstad

As the first hospital in Scandinavia the new operation, building in Karlstad, Sweden, have chosen a complete lighting solution – from operation room to recovery and intensive care. The result is an improved environment for patients, doctors and nurses.

Karlstad Opvågning

In April, the Central Hospital in Karlstad, Sweden, opened a new operation building – a modern building ready to meet the needs of the future.

”With the right lighting, we create a better working environment for the staff and good surroundings for the patients,” says Tobias Kjellberg, Healthcare manager, at Region Värmland.

Karlstad Operationsstue
Karlstad Operationsstue

Operation light for keyhole surgery
Today, an increasing amount of operations are made as keyhole surgery. The method is gentle for the patient but can be very exhausting for the surgeons, because it means long hours with eyes focused on small details on monitors.

To improve the conditions for patients, nurses and surgeons all 25 new operation rooms have Ergonomic Lighting. It is a lighting concept that combines the colors green and red and dives the room in different lighting zones depending on the tasks. The result from Karlstad is less strain on the eyes, less fatigue and improved quality.

”The combination of the complementary colors red and green improve the image quality on the monitor and create a balanced and good light in the whole room. By installing it in all operating rooms of the new building, we ensure that it is being used during all operations”, says Tobias Kjellberg.


The staff at the hospital are very satisfied with Ergonomic Lighting.

”The light is very pleasant to work in, and I have no reflections on the monitors. When we move around during surgery, all we do is to change the light setting and the light follows. It’s great,” explains Chief Physician Marina Sorensson, from the Central Hospital in Karlstad. She operates in Ergonomic Lighting during both laparoscopic, robot and open surgery.

Every operations room has nine preprogrammed light settings. The settings are customized each room to fit the different tasks – both before, during and after procedure.

”At the Central Hospital we have analyzed every single room looking at the different procedures, the users’ needs which we have combined with our knowledge on light and experience from other hospitals. We adjust colors and intensity according to the conditions in the room, how the placement of the monitors and different work zones. We focus on making the operation user-friendly, so it is easy to change the light during the complex surgeries. We also have a thorough process for user implementation and staff training,” explains Director in Chromaviso, Claus Puggaard. Chromaviso is specialized in lighting for the healthcare sector.

Circadian Lighting in recovery and intensive care
When the operation is completed the patient is moved to recovery and intensive care. Here is a circadian lighting that changes automatically – as the natural light. It rises as the sun, is strongest in the middle of the day and a night a specially designed night light without the blue colors begins. 


Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting recreates the beneficial effects of natural lighting

Complete solution based on LED
It is the first time to see a complete solution and still maintain the flexibility on each operation room or patient bed.

”It is a complete solution, and the programming, lighting and flexibility are brand-new. In the operating rooms, the staff will have the right light precisely where they want it. In intensive care, the patients and staff will have the possibility of controlling the light close to each bed”, explains Leif Fransson, project manager at MIDROC, the company responsible for the electrical work of the construction.
The ambitious lighting project has become a success based on good cooperation across competencies during the construction process – right from initial consultancy to planning, implementation and putting into operation.

”During the planning phase, we worked closely together with Chromaviso, and together, we went over room by room. This means that we hit the mark the first time around. This is amazing, considering that this is the largest and most advanced installation in Sweden”, says Linus Idermark.


Reliable solution with follow up

The fact that a Danish lighting company was chosen was a result of a thorough decision-making process and several years of cooperation and dialogue regarding different options.

”Chromaviso has been a good business partner since 2007, where we installed Ergonomic Lighting for the first time. They provide very competent consultancy, and throughout the years, they have proven that they also follow up with user implementation. Therefore, when we had to choose a supplier for the new construction project, we considered factors such as effect, price and competencies. And in than connection, we all agreed that we would get the best complete solution from Chromaviso”, says Tobias Kjellberg.

Chromaviso have led the entire process from initial analysis, consultancy and lighting design to integration, programming and user training and follow up.  The solution was complete and ready to use as planned and have been working without any problems since day 1.

The lighting solution on the Central Hospital, Karlstad
There is 28.000 square meters with Ergonomic Lighting and Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting.

Ergonomic Lighting
19 operation room, 1 Hybrid room, 1 Robot room, 4 endoscopy room, 2 ERCP room

Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting
18 recovery beds, monitoring rooms, intensive care beds and patient rooms

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