Why choose Chromaviso?

Chromaviso are leading experts in circadian lighting. We are leading the market with new, innovative and health-promoting solutions documented in research and in practice. We want to make a difference and create value for both patients and staff members.


Our lighting is not just average lighting – but an active part of the treatment environment. With greater effect than medicine – and without side effects.

We are proud of it and we continuously invest in new projects, knowledge and skills so that we can advise our customers on the most optimal circadian rhythm solution for them.

Choose Chromaviso because:

  • Our solutions are evidence-based – documented in research
  • We have successfully implemented our solutions in more than 100 hospitals of psychiatric wards and nursing homes. They run smoothly and create great value for patients and staff
  • Our solutions include an implementation program – crucial to the final value creation
  • We have created health technology products and management that support the complex environment in the healthcare sector and which are intuitive

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