Lighting focusing on the individual patient at Centralsjukhuset i Karlstad

With Circadian Lighting on both the recovery and the intensive care units, the Centralsjukhuset in Karlstad has created an ideal light environment for both patients and staff.

A new building at Centralsjukhuset in Karlstad was in 2015 equipped with Circadian Lighting at the recovery unit, UVA. It soon turned out to be a valuable asset, and therefore, in 2017, the hospital decided to also equip the Intensive care unit, IVA with Circadian Lighting. Therefore, the hospital today has a complete lighting solution from Chromaviso, where all 27 operating rooms have health-promoting special lighting.

It makes a big difference compared to traditional lighting. Now that we know it works in the remodelled part of the department, we would also like to have it in the rest of the department.

Nurse Hans Renberg

Documented in research
Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting is based on knowledge of the daily rhythm, sleep and light. In 2017, an international research project from Rigshospitalet, the first major clinical study in Circadian Lighting was published. The result showed that Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting has a significant positive effect on treatment-critical factors such as the daily rhythm, depression and fatigue among patients.
At IVA in Karlstad, the Circadian Lighting has been an important part of the effort to stabilize patients’ daily rhythm and condition, explains department manager, Carina Eriksson.

“We focus on creating a daiy rhythm for our patients as it is important for their healing and the improvement in their health. The daily rhythm is also important, so the patients do not lose the sense of what time of day it is. The Circadian Lighting plays an important role here.”


Chroma Zenit supports the circadian rhythm

Customized for each patient
The Circadian Lighting provides the opportunity to create a calm environment around the patient in the complex hospital environment. The light is zone-divided, which means that the staff can adjust the light individually for each patient.

A better work environment
For the staff, the Circadian Lighting has provided a boost in the work environment and the overall well-being.

“I’m going between the different departments and there is a big difference in the lighting. With the Circadian Lighting there is a lot of light during the day and the staff are fresher. We experience less fatigue, and the light is wonderful for the eyes and for the mind. In addition, we see details better in the Circadian Lighting because it has a very good spotlight, “says Carina Eriksson.

The improved work environment is also contributing to making the hospital an attractive workplace.


The nightlight is specially developed
At night, there is darkness around the patient to support a good night sleep. If the staff need to oversee a patient they can turn on either an amber, warm nightlight or if there is a need for more lighting, a warm white work light. In case of acute situations, the light turns fully on.

The light at night is wide-spectrum and without the blue tones that disturb the body’s daily rhythm. At the same time, it is a good and safe light for the staff to move around and work in.


Chroma Zenit zoned lighting

Surveillance rooms, private rooms, beds, and hallways

IVA and UVA have Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting everywhere in the department. The solution is holistic and accommodates both patients and staff.

User-friendly control panel
The light is controlled at each bedside via an intuitive control universe with icons and text, developed in collaboration with the staff.

It is important for us that the Circadian Lighting is zone-divided at each patient. So, every patient does not wake up when one turns the light on. It focuses on each patient and avoids unnecessary disturbances.

Manager Carina Eriksson

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