Circadian Lighting

Light for better sleep, well-being and health 

Chromaviso Circadian Lighting is an automatically controlled lighting concept that supports the body’s natural circadian rhythm. The light is brightest in the middle of day, and at night, a specially developed night light is turned on, ensuring that the staff has optimal lighting while not disturbing the circadian rhythm of the body.

In addition the Circadian Light contains ergonomic light settings for specific activities and therapeutic purposes.


Benefits of Chromaviso Circadian Lighting

  • Proven effect in relation to factors such as sleep, well-being, appetite and behavior
  • Specially developed night light ensure staff optimal lighting while the body’s circadian rhythm is not disturbed
  • Clinically validated light protocol that unites considerations for the patient category and the rhythm of the ward
  • Ergonomic light setting makes it possible to use lighting actively in activities and treatment (therapy)
  • User-friendly control panels, such as touch screen or push butto

The warm, corn yellow night light is excellent at night. It is soft and does not bother the patients, but we see well anyway

Anna Ekstedt, nurse, Hudiksval Hospital

Based on newest research 
The lighting solution is based on a clinically validated light protocol that unites considerations for the patient category and the rhythm of the ward. The lighting solution is based on newest academic and clinical research – and Chromaviso participates in varies, international research projects at for example Rigshospitalet Glostrup (Anders West, Helle Iversen) and Aarhus University Hospital (Leanne Langhorn).


Set the light from everywhere – it’s very easy and custommade for your needs
Furthermore, the solution offers customised light settings for select zones, activities and emergency situation. A specially designed operating system means that optimal lighting can always be achieved with just a simple push of a button.

The operation of the light is specially designed to ensure a high level of user satisfaction. There are different possible light settings – customised for the needs of the room.

Get in touch to learn more about what different light settings would fit your needs? Circadian Ligthing from Cromaviso is an advanced Human Centric Lighting – lighting for well-being and health.

See how the light changes during 24 hours


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