Circadian Lighting

Chroma Zenit – a non-pharmacological treatment with documented effect
Chroma Zenit is a circadian lighting that recreates the beneficial effects of natural lighting. It changes automatically as the day progresses and with a gentle sunrise and a powerful daylight, the healthy circadian rhythm, energy and sleep are created.

The light is based on a clinically documented lighting protocol that is adapted to diagnoses, behavior and the department needs – developed in collaboration with sleep experts, doctors and researchers.

Chroma Zenit is holistic and activity-based light settings support the complex everyday life of hospitals, psychiatric wards and care facilities.

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Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting

Today, the solution is found in more than 100 hospitals, psychiatric wards and nursing homes throughout Scandinavia with a total user satisfaction of 92%.

Choose Chroma Zenit because it is:

  • An evidence-based circadian lighting with documented effect
  • Based on best practice from more than 100 hospitals, psychiatric wards and nursing homes
  • Customized to the individual environment, diagnoses and workflows
  • A turnkey solution with implementation – ensures highest user satisfaction and value creation
  • New health technology products and management – highest quality and reliability
  • Recommended by researchers, doctors and users of +1500 solutions

Clinical evidence
Chroma Zenit is the preferred circadian lighting for researchers and doctors due to the documented effect and the high level of knowledge. Clinical studies and practice evidence across hospitals, psychiatric wards and care facilities have documented the effect of Chroma Zenit:

  • Reduces fatigue and depression
  • Improves sleep and well-being in both patients / residents and staff
  • Improves the working environment and the safety of the staff

Read more about the research of Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting here.

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Health technology products
Chroma Zenit contains products of the highest quality developed specifically for circadian rhythm in the health and care sector.

  • Intuitive and flexible operating universe
  • Fixtures that support the complex environment, create homeliness and increase awareness of time
  • High quality management and many possibilities for integration into other systems
  • Energy-efficient and reliable

We know that patients are more likely to recover with circadian lighting. We believe that the lighting has a big effect - also on the staff. We have, therefore, chosen to prioritize it.

Tobias Kjellberg, Health Manager, Värmland


They rank that they are less tired when they are working in this department and they also have more energy.

Chief Physician on the research project about circadian lighting, Helle Iversen, Rigshospitalet.

Discover how Chroma Zenit changes over 24 hours at neurointensive, Aarhus University Hospital (Danish).

Information about circadian lighting
The human system is created to get energy from a balance between light and dark, and today’s daylight plays a central role. If there is a change in the balance, it effects our well-being. One example is the discomfort experienced by many in jet lagging. You cannot concentrate and lose focus, you are beside yourself and are tired without being able to sleep. It is the natural rhythm of the body that gets shifted and we become less effective and inactive. The same applies to people who are working at night – and people, in daytime shifts, who work in the dark.

The human body thrives best with a stable circadian rhythm with daylight in the day and darkness at night, among others, to ensure that the important melatonin hormone is not disturbed. Melatonin is an antioxidant that is deveolped in the dark and repressed by daylight. For exposed patients, a normal circadian rhythm is particularly important for treatment and care to provide the best results. At the same time, the staff working at night are affected by a shifted circadian rhythm.

Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting by Chromaviso have an immediate noticeable effect on both patients and staff - and affect the patient's sleep pattern in a positive way.

Leanne Langhorn, Clinical Nursing Specialist / RN, MScN, PhD, Neurointensive care section NIA, Aarhus University Hospital

Differentiated lighting needs all day
Current lighting solutions in the hospital and healthcare sector do not meet the need to create the optimal circadian rhythm for patients or staff. There is therefore a demand for solutions that take into account the needs of patients and staff for differentiated lighting scenarios in the many departments where patients and staff are all day. This applies, for example, intensive care units, observation, recovering and emergency operation sections.

Chroma Zenit also takes into account the differentiated needs of patients and staff. Where patients require rapid normalization of the circadian rhythm, as well as rest, the staff need light for emergency situations, treatment, reporting and monitoring. It requires a special technology to unite these needs in a coherent lighting solution.

We use the different settings a lot. The nightlight is good to create a calm environment and the white light is used when we need to take a blood test, for example. It is an important supplement to the general circadian lighting.

Kristina Löf, nurse

Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting
Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting contribute to a natural circadian rhythm for the staff and the patients in departments with activity all day. Chroma Zenit is activity-based and zone-divided, which allows the staff to perform their work without disturbing the patient.

  • Supports the patient’s needs for normalization of the circadian rhythm
  • Supports the staff’s circadian rhythm
  • Reduces fatigue and increases employee satisfaction
  • Creates a calming environment for the patient
  • Creates optimal work light all day
  • Counteracts bright lighting shifts for the patient and the staff
  • Colored lighting for different needs

Chromaviso collaborates with several universities, hospitals, municipalities and experts to develop and document circadian lighting. Read more about Chroma Zenit in the following cases.

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