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Anders West and Helle Iversen in the hospital room at Glostrup Hospital
Ane EskildsenSeptember 28, 2015< 1 min read

Research: The Benefits of Circadian Lighting

Researchers are currently studying the impact of Ergonomic Circadian Lighting at both Glostrup Hospital and Aarhus University Hospital.

Rigshospitalet has recently published an article about the research conducted at Glostrup Hospital. Improved sleep and reduced noise are some of the positive feedback given by the staff. Additionally, the project also follows 90 patients.

Read all about the study and the initial feedback in the article from IndenRigs (in Danish) here: Nature's light under scrutiny.

In the TV2 clip below, you can see and hear more about the research and the initial indications.

One of the findings shared by Chief Physician Helle Iversen is that the staff report feeling less tired during their shifts and have more energy.