Ergonomic Lighting at top modern surgical unit at Sundsvall Hospital

A positive work environment, increased security and improved quality are results of implementing Chromaviso Ergonomic Lighting at the new surgical unit.  

In May 2017, Sundsvall Hospital received 14 new operation theatres as a part of an extension of the existing hospital. They are top modern operation theatres for laparoscopy, surgery, caesarean and hybrid.

Due to recommendations from other hospitals in the region and the rest of Sweden, the management chose Chromaviso Ergonomic Lighting on all new operation theatres as a part of a turn-key solution. The goal was to create an optimal environment for both staff and patients.


Thorough implementation

Pre-surgery the patient arrives in a warm, safe light. Post-surgery, the staff has the possibility to use a powerful white lighting for cleaning. The bright light also helps to give the staff a boost of energy to support their circadian rhythm.

“It works and everything has gone as planned. We are very satisfied with the cooperation,” says Christer Örneklyft, Project Manager.

As a part of the solution, Chromavsio has completed a thorough implementation of the lighting. Both in technical form by calibrating in relation to the nature of the room, colours, and reflections, but also finetuning once the lighting was installed.

The staff were also provided with training and received tips and tricks on how to use the system, to secure an optimal usage of the lighting solution.

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