Ergonomic Lighting enhances the work environment at Värnamo Hospital

When the opportunity came to build a new surgical unit at Värnamo Hospital, the department traveled around Sweden to find inspiration of a modernized unit. By looking at other hospitals, the discovery turned out to be that the future lies in Ergonomic Lighting.

The surgical unit at Värnamo Hospital practices surgery, laparoscopy, orthopedics, urology, gynecology, plastic surgery and cholecystectomy. The unit has 10 operation theaters, all using Ergonomic Lighting.

“If you are building a new surgical unit, I think that you should consider implementing Ergonomic Lighting because it is a big part of the work environment”, says Magnus Trofast, Operations Manager.


Zoned surgery lighting

Work environment
“It feels like they care about us working here”, says Ida Höglund, Surgeon.

At hospitals using Ergonomic Lighting, there is a documented effect on well-being and energy levels. A better working climate is positive for the image of the hospital and in the recruitment of new staff. “I think that all operation theatres should have this Ergonomic Lighting, to have a better work environment for the employees”, says Anna Skoogh.

Improved screen image
Ergonomic Lighting increases the quality of the screen image and improves the visual capabilities of the operators. The red color brings out contrasts and contours in greyscale while decreasing reflection.

By bettering the visual capabilities there is a positive increase in eye-blink rate which helps to spread the tear to all parts of the eye to keep it moist. It reduces fatigue, dry eyes, headache and tension. The improved workflow increases safety, quality and concentration during surgery or procedure.

“The better light we have, the better we can perform”, states Mimmi Peralta, Surgeon.


Ergonomic Lighting improves the screen image

How does Ergonomic Lighting work?
Ergonomic lighting creates optimal lighting to before-during-after the procedure in the
operation theatre.

  • Before the procedure, warm light is used to calm the patient
  • During the procedure, a zoned colored light is used with the complementary colors red and green.
  • During open surgery, powerful white light is used to decrease glare.
  • After procedure daylight is used for cleaning and to give energy.

Framtiden är i den Ergonomiska Lösningen. När vi nu har chansen och fick möjlighet så vill vi ha det bästa.

Magnus Trofast, Verksamhetschef.

Simple usage
The light is controlled through a user-developed service device. The module uses simple icons which secures an easy use. The solution includes a smooth integration between different systems and screens.


Open surgery
During open surgery, a clean and powerful white lighting is used to complement the operation lamp. It establishes a comfortable light environment and minimizes glare, which creates better conditions for the staff during surgery.

In connection to implementing Ergonomic Lighting at the surgical unit, an analysis and mapping of the user needs were carried out. Through guidance by Chromaviso, each operation theatre has an individualized solution based on which specialties/procedures that are being performed. In connection to the installation, the staff have received training in using the lighting solution.

“I think that this solution works very well for our surgical unit. Surgeons, orthopedists and gynecologist who performs laparoscopy experience a big difference compared to what we had before. It has greatly improved our unit”, says Anna Skoogh, Project Manager

Ergonomic Lighting in Scandinavia
Ergonomic lighting exists in over +100 hospitals in Scandinavia. Chromaviso has over 2000 lighting installations which are used 24/7 in highly specialized areas of the hospitals.

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