Chroma Zona Ergonomic Lighting

Better screen, less fatigue, fewer mistakes

Ergonomic Lighting is a zoned, coloured and white lighting for operating and examination rooms. This lighting solution consists of an effective combination of green and red light that provides documented results with regard to working environment, quality and safety.

Skejby Chromaviso

Ergonomic Lighting – Surgery lighting

Benefits of Ergonomic Lighting

• Minimise reflections and glare on monitors and optimise image quality on monitors
• Less strain on the eyes and less tension
• Less fatigue and increased concentration
• Zoned lighting creates the right light for everyone at the same time – for example a white spot for anesthesia
• A high level of user satisfaction and a user-friendly operating system
• Possibility of daylight simulation between procedures

Good work light makes a difference in optimal work performance

User, Ergonomic Lighting

The operation light is adapted to the users’ needs in the specific room and includes customised light settings for select zones and activities before, during and after a procedure. A specially designed operating system means that optimal lighting can always be achieved with just a simple push of a button.

The new standard in Minimal Invasive Surgery
Ergonomic Lighting is currently the standard lighting solution in most hospitals all over Scandinavia, and more and more newly built hospitals choose to install Ergonomic Lighting in all operating rooms.


Zoned coloured lighting

User survey
A user survey carried in collaboration with 30 hospitals showed 97% satisfaction among users. Read more here

How Ergonomic Lighting improves working environment and work quality:

– Better image quality on monitor
– Clearer contrasts
– Less reflection
– Reduces headache, light sensitivity and fatigue
– Increases concentration and safety during procedures

We are currently using Ergonomic Lighting in several operating rooms with good results. The staff reports of less fatigue, and the combination of the complementary colours red and green improve the image quality on the monitor and create a balanced and good light in the whole room. By installing it in all operating rooms of the new building, we ensure that it is being used during all operations

Tobias Kjellberg, Healthcare Manager, Värmland Region

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