Intensive Care Unit, Hudiksvall Hospital

More refreshed and less tired on the night shift. This is the report form the staff at the intensive care unit at Hudiksvall Hospital, where the Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting and sound concept has been installed.

In April 2015, the intensive care unit of Hudiksvall Hospital moved to new premises. In that connection, it was an important wish from the staff to get Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting from Chromaviso.

”Research indicates that it is good for staff on the night shift to have Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting, and that is has health benefits”, says nurse Kristina Löf. She has also taken part in providing input for the layout of the unit, which is very modern and thoroughly thought out with 10 beds and centrally located monitoring. The light plays an important part, and due to large window sections, outside and inside light fuse.

Ergonomisk Lys på Hudiksvall


The night light
Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting is controlled automatically and follows a clinically validated light protocol that unites considerations for the rhythm of the unit as well as the patient category. The light is strongest in the middle of the day, and at night, a specially developed night light turns on.

”The warm, corn yellow night light is excellent at night. It is soft and does not bother the patients, but we see well anyway”, says nurse Anna Ekstedt.

”The night light is pleasant for your eyes. We no longer squint, as we did when we had white light at night”, says Kristina Löf and continues:

”I feel more refreshed and less tired on a night shift. The light has had a great effect – and we all like it very much.”

Several settings
In addition to Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting, staff and patients have the possibility of choosing a number of ergonomic light settings for specific zones, activities and emergency situations. These basic settings have been chosen based on outlining of the unit’s requirements and working procedures and Chromaviso’s documented user behaviour from similar installations.

Hvidt lys

”We use the different settings very much. The night light is good when we need calm, and among other things, we use the white light when taking a blood sample. It is an important supplement to the general circadian rhythm lighting”, explains Kristina Löf.

The lighting is controlled from each bed. Here, there is a small touch screen showing the six basic settings.

Sound stimulates the patient
The lighting is integrated with the sound concept CURAVIVO and includes two options. When the emergency light is turned on at a bed, a masking sound is automatically turned on at the surrounding beds.

”When the sound is on, the emergency situation does not disturb the other patients”, explains Kristina Löf. The other setting is relaxing music at each bed.

”When a patient is slightly restless and awake, we turn on the music. Many patients find this soothing and nice”, explains Kristina Löf.

About the solution at Hudiksvall Hospital

  • 6 intensive care beds, including 2 isolation rooms, 4 post operation beds, one monitoring area as well as associated hall areas have Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting.
  • Stimulating Curavivo sound solution with two options: background sound for other beds in case of emergency situation as well as relaxing music when a patient needs to calm down.

Different light settings

The light is custommade to fit the udsers need, and the work flow
before, during and after procedure. panel 6

You operate the light on the specially designed Chromaviso panel.

Hudiksvall Sjukhus have the following light settings:

  • Circaidian Rhythm Lighting
  • Night light
  • Dimmed white
  • White night light
  • Acute

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