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Delivery room at the maternity ward in Kolding with Chroma Zenit circadian lighting
Ane EskildsenSeptember 27, 20212 min read

Natural childbirth and improved work environment with Chroma Zenit

When the maternity ward needed to be updated and renovated, the management sought a solution that would support three visions: lighting for the different needs of childbirth, the ability to create a positive atmosphere, and an improved working environment. They chose evidence-based circadian lighting and stimulation lighting from Chromaviso.

The lighting solution has been clinically proven to have an impact and supports a natural birth, hormone balance, and mood. Its design promotes the release of oxytocin, which helps stimulate contractions, making light an active part of the birthing process.

— It's truly a gift from nature that we can incorporate into childbirth without any medication involved, just through the use of light, explains Simone Mortensen, a midwife and occupational health representative.

Working Environment

The circadian lighting has significantly improved the energy levels, well-being, and sleep quality of the staff - and Karina Lund, a department midwife, is pleased with the results:

— In terms of the work environment, I think it has been a really good investment for a group of people who have to work at all hours of the day, which can be tough on the body. So if we can do something to improve our sleep and feel more rested, it's definitely a great investment for the work environment, she says.

Portrait of midwife Karina Lund at the maternity ward in Kolding


Lighting for the phases and needs of childbirth

The different lighting settings contribute positively to women's childbirth experience. The solution allows for zoning in different workstations and procedures.

— Childbirth is about creating a safe space, which is easier when you can dim the lights and set different color tones. This way, the room becomes a holistic experience for the couple, explains Karina Lund.

— In the dark times, I can feel that the circadian lighting really helps me when I leave work. I may be physically tired because it has been busy in the maternity ward, but mentally, I am not as exhausted, says Charlotte Nielsen, a midwife, adding:

— When we have someone who wants to give birth in a birthing pool, we use the cozy lighting to provide comfort and a sense of a home birth.

Delivery room with tub and stimulus light from Chromaviso in the maternity ward in Kolding

User-friendly design

The lighting solution is controlled through an intuitive interface, making it easy for both staff and parents to use.

  • Circadian Lighting
    This is an automatically controlled lighting system that adjusts according to the natural light outside. It supports different situations, such as providing a blue-free night light.
  • Calming Light
    This is a soothing pink-colored light that is used to calm both parents and babies. It also has a muscle-relaxing effect.
  • Activity Light
    This light is used when there is a need for a bright white light for a specific task.
  • Cozy Light
    This warm and amber-colored light creates a sense of calm and security for both parents and babies.
  • Emergency Light
    This is a powerful white light used for complications or emergencies.


Chromaviso betjeningspanel som det er ud på Kolding fødeafdeling