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The patient is anesthetized before the procedure
Ane EskildsenDecember 18, 20171 min read

Ergonomic Lighting Optimizes Surgical Working Environment

A prioritization of Chromaviso's specialty lighting in the new operating ward has resulted in a great working environment for all professional groups, increased safety, and improved quality.

In May 2017, Länssjukhuset in Sundsvall unveiled 14 state-of-the-art operating rooms as part of an expansion project at the existing hospital. These cutting-edge surgical suites cater to a range of procedures, including laparoscopy, general surgery, cesarean sections, and hybrid surgeries. Taking into account recommendations from other hospitals in the region and across Sweden, the management opted for Chromaviso's Ergonomic Lighting for all the rooms as part of a comprehensive turn-key solution. The objective was to create the optimal environment for both staff and patients.

— Having a good screen display is of great value. It enhances patient safety, enables quicker diagnosis by doctors, and reduces the risk of errors. It also allows others in the room to better follow and attend to their tasks. We are extremely pleased with the lighting, shares Christer Örneklyft, project manager.

Surgeon stands in the operating room

Thorough implementation

Before the operation, patients are received in a warm and comforting light, while after the procedure, the staff can switch to a powerful white light for cleaning and preparation. This light also provides an energy boost and supports the body's circadian rhythm.

— It works flawlessly, and the project timeline has been seamless. We are very satisfied with the collaboration," says Christer Örneklyft.

As part of the solution, Chromaviso has conducted a thorough implementation of the lighting. This includes technical calibration to suit the room conditions, colors, and reflections, as well as fine-tuning once the lighting is put into use. Furthermore, comprehensive training has been provided to the staff, along with tips and tricks for utilizing the lighting in their daily routines and ensuring optimal lighting habits for everyone.

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