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Surgeons standing in an operating theatre performing surgery on a patient in ergonomic lighting
Mette Kuhlmann FrandsenOctober 10, 20222 min read

Ergonomic Lighting Enhances Work Environment at Värnamo Hospital

When the opportunity arose to build a new operating department at Värnamo Hospital, the organization traveled around different departments in Sweden to find inspiration for a modernized department. The revelation was that the future lies in an Ergonomic Lighting Solution.

Surgery, laparoscopy, orthopedics, urology, the women's clinic, plastic surgery, and gall surgery are all performed in the operating department at Värnamo Hospital. The department consists of a total of 10 rooms, all of which have Ergonomic Lighting installed.

— If you're building a new operating department, I think it's important to consider including Ergonomic Lighting because it plays a significant role in the work environment, says Magnus Trofast, Operations Manager.

Work Environment

— It feels like they are investing in us in the workplace, says Ida Höglund, Surgeon.

Ergonomic Lighting in hospitals has been proven to have significant effects on the well-being and energy levels of healthcare professionals. It not only enhances the work environment, but also positively impacts the hospital's reputation and ability to attract top talent. Anna Skoogh passionately believes that every operating room should be equipped with this innovative lighting solution, as it creates a truly optimal environment for healthcare employees.

Enhanced visual display

Ergonomic lighting enhances the quality of the screen display and improves the visual capabilities of the staff. The red color accentuates contrasts and contours in grayscale, while also reducing reflection.

By improving visual decoding, it positively impacts the blink frequency and tear film of the eyes. This reduces fatigue, dry eyes, headaches, and tension among the staff. The improved workflow increases safety, quality, and concentration during surgeries and procedures.

— The better lighting we have, the better job we can do, says Mimmi Peralta, Surgeon.

Two surgeons standing in ergonomic lighting looking at a monitor with their backs to the camera

How does Ergonomic Lighting work?

Ergonomic Lighting creates optimal lighting conditions for pre-during-post procedures in the operating room.

  • Before the procedure, a warm light is used to calm the patient.
  • During the procedure, zone-divided colored light with complementary colors of red and green is used.
  • During open surgery, a bright white light is used to minimize glare.
  • After the procedure, natural daylight is used for cleaning and energy.

— The future lies in the Ergonomic Lighting Solution. Now that we have the opportunity, we want nothing but the best.

Magnus Trofast, Operations Manager.


User-friendly interface

The solution is controlled through a user-friendly interface. The module utilizes simple icons to ensure effortless usability. It also includes seamless integration with various systems and screens.

Open surgery

During open surgery, a clean and intense white light is used as a complement to the operating lamp. This creates a pleasant lighting environment and minimizes glare, thereby improving the conditions for the staff during the operation.


During the implementation of the Ergonomic Lighting Solution in the operating department, an analysis and mapping of user needs were conducted. Based on advice from Chromaviso, each operating room has an individually tailored solution based on the specific specialties/procedures performed in the room. As part of the installation, the staff underwent training in the use of the lighting solution.

— This lighting works incredibly well for our operating department. Surgeons, orthopedics, and especially laparoscopic surgeons have noticed significant differences compared to what we had before. It has undoubtedly been a great improvement for our department, explains Anna Skoogh, Project Manager.

Ergonomic Lighting in Scandinavia

Ergonomic Lighting can be found in over 100 hospitals across Scandinavia. Chromaviso has a total of more than 2000 lighting installations that are reliably used 24/7 in highly specialized areas within hospitals.