Torshavn has chosen Chromaviso as an Exclusive provider of Health-Promoting Lighting

The New National Hospital (New add-on Building H), Torshavn, Faroe Island has chosen Chromaviso as an Exclusive Provider of Health-Promoting Lighting.

💡 10.000 sqm. of holistic lighting solution helping both patients and staff.

Project Manager at the National Hospital, Bogi Dam Jacobsen:

“Our collaboration with Chromaviso have had an excellent start. I have rarely met such a committed team. They have been very persistent throughout the entire process, from initially mapping the system, and clarifying pros and cons, to subsequently achieving a result that on so many levels satisfies the builder’s requirements and expectations. It is a quality solution that is very flexible and future-proof, and we look forward to a great collaboration for many years to come. ”

The project will showcase new Chromaviso fixtures, technologies, and diagnose specific lighting protocols customized for each area of specialty:

  •  Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Emergency – reducing depression, hospitalization time and re-hospitalizion
  •  Psychiatric Ambulatory for daily visitation of Psyhiatric Patients
  •  Rehabilitation Units – improving treatment, life quality and outcome
  •  Delivery Units – stimulating the phases of birth and ensuring a safe atmosphere

The Hospital is ready next summer, and Chromaviso Specialists are following the entire process closely. Right now, we are cooperating with the local installers to ensure optimal installation.

The Lighting Solution draws on the research and evidence from:

  • Professor Claus Martiny, psychiatric center Copenhagen
  • Doctor Anders west, stroke rehabilitation unit, Rigshospitalet
  • Doctor Tone Henriksen, the emergency psychiatric unit, Valen Hospital
  • Experience and evaluations from the delivery unit @Sygehus Lillebælt and @Aarhus University Hospital
  • And user surveys and evaluation involving +400 nurses/ doctors/assistants using Chroma Zenit circadian light every day at work.
  • Experience from more than 120 hospitals with Chromaviso Health-Promoting Lightin