Practise evidens – Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting at Nursing home Sønderskovhus

Nursing home Sønderskovhus have installed Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting from Chromaviso in 12 assisted living facilities, dining room, living room and several activity rooms.

In April 2016 Chromaviso completed a user survey among the employees at Sønderskovhus, who work in the circadian lighting on a regular basis.

13 employees answered the questions about their experiences about the lighting.

The results of the survey:

  • The employees are very satisfied with the lighting, and would recommend it. They feel less fatigue; have more energy and more peaceful atmosphere.
  • The various lighting settings are of great value. The employees use the different settings very often to calm down restless residents and to create a safe atmosphere.
  • Positive effect on the residents. The employees have experienced an effect on the residents on factors such as less aggression, less wandering about at night, better sleep, more appetite and more energy.
  • User friendly operation – in all rooms. The employees say that the operation is easy to use, and that it is important for them that the light can be operated from all rooms.
  • The night light is positive. The night shifts experience the night light positively, they can see well in the light, they can read and write, it is pleasant to be in, it creates a safe and calm atmosphere and often leads to people lowering their voices. 2 out of 3 feels it is easier to fall asleep after night shift.

Se one pager of the results (in Danish only)