Neuro Centre, Glostrup Hospital chooses Chroma Zenit at +100 rooms

Patients and staff at the department for brain- and nerve disease, brain- and nerve surgery plus the epilepsy monitoring section will receive evidence based circadian lighting from Chromaviso. By this means that research of Anders West will be implemented, that documents Chroma Zenit’s convincing effect on depression, fatigue, well-being, anxiety, and circadian rhythm – marks that are crucial for the patients’ treatment and quality of life.

At the same time the staff receives a healthy, blue-free, and broad-spectrum light for the night shift, and the opportunity to adjust the lighting individually with each separate situation at the +100 rooms divided on three floors.

Important about the solution:

  • Installed as retrofit in a new build, based on a request from the clinical staff to use circadian lighting as treatment – like they have done for +8 years prior to the move
  • In collaboration with CEJ – Center for Property, Region Hovedstaden, we have created a solution with DMX-KNX integration
  • It means, that Chroma Zenit circadian lighting integrates with the project North Wing’s new Building Management System, and can be controlled through KNX
  • Coherent Turnkey solution ensures high operational reliability and health

Thank you to the many collaboration partners at project Neuro Centre, CEJ. We look forward to implementing the new solution and to make a difference for both staff and patients