Merry Christmas – a brief look back to 2015

2015 has been an amazing year for us.

Several of the new, large hospital projects in Scandinavia, such as Skejby, Karlstad and Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital, have chosen our health-promoting lighting solutions. We have done our utmost to live up to the high expectations, and can now, at the end of the year, note with great satisfaction that our customers have been provided with reliable lighting solutions with documented effect for the individual highly specialised operating room and for entire hospitals.

Furthermore, the health sector has discovered our latest lighting solution in 2015. Ergonomic Circadian Lighting, which is based on extensive development work and a clinically validated light protocol. The substantial feedback we get across somatic fields, psychiatry and nursing is that the lighting has a positive effect on sleep, behaviour and appetite. This confirms for us that the lighting solution is very promising and makes a difference.

We could not have achieved this without the beneficial, daily dialogue and cooperation with our users, customers and business partners. We look forward to an eventful 2016 and look forward to continued good cooperation.

Many Christmas greetings from the Chromaviso team