Evaluation on Circadian Light at Aabenraa Psychiatric Ward out

Colab Recovery & Rehab, Region of Southern Denmark have just published a report / evaluation on Circadian Light. It is an overall assessment of circadian light on the region’s three psychiatric wards with circadian lighting – supplied by different vendors. The purpose of the report is to identify the perceived impact of circadian light on employees and patients and explain the overall experience, both at each hospital and across hospitals.

The report is available on the Region of Southern Denmark Website: (Danish only)

See spot from TV Syd that sums up – filmed in Aabenraa here (Danish only):  

The result of the report was published January 20. 2017, showing overall that the light have a positive effect on both employees and patients. Circadian Light promotes the natural circadian rhythms and sleep quality, it is comfortable to live/ work in, it creates more peace and a cozy and calm atmosphere in the evenings.

The Aabenraa hospital, which Chromaviso are behind, receives acknowledged on the focus on implementation, the amber Chromaviso night light and the high satisfaction and impact on sleep and well-being.

Quotes from the employees at Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital:

“Many of our patients have had difficulty falling asleep at night, have been entertained by the circadian light because the dim light makes them more relaxed than normal light. It has given them a better and more restful sleep,” says chief physician Lene Høgh.

The evaluation shows that the staff have also felt a difference. This is especially true when on night duty.

“Circadian Lighting is pleasant when I have night shift because it gives a much better transition from day to night. I can feel that I have more energy in general – probably because I find it easier to fall asleep when I get home after a night shift” says Hanne Bendixen who is a nurse at the Department of Psychiatry Aabenraa.