EU phase out the sale of fluorescent tubes in 2023 – Chromaviso is ready to deliver a high-quality LED solution

EU will prohibit the sale of fluorescent tubes from 23 august 2023. The Danish Energy Agency encourages companies and public workplaces to replace them with LED now to save money and energy.

The prohibition occurs because of the mercury content in fluorescent tubes. The sale of T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes is not allowed from 23 august 2023. It gives a unique opportunity to choose a long-term and health-promoting solution that will ensure easier maintenance, save energy, and create better working conditions and health.

In Chromaviso, we have a lot of experience with small and larger lighting projects in the health sector. We have implemented more than 3000 installations in Scandinavia with our health-promoting lighting concepts, Chroma Zona Ergonomic lighting and Chroma Zenit circadian lighting.

This flyer will give all relevant information about the prohibition and what Chromaviso offers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or further information.


Advantages of switching to Chromaviso LED:

  • The energy savings when switching from fluorescent tubes to ordinary LED luminaires fluctuate between 18-58%, which means there is a big difference in LED quality. According to a report from Elforsk, prepared by DTU, Chromaviso’s dynamic LED ensures a saving of 67% compared to CFL- fluorescent tubes.
  • An ordinary fluorescent tube typically lasts 10-20.000 hours, whereas LED from Chromaviso typically lasts more than 100.000 hours.
  • With the optics in Chromaviso LED, the light quality is improved while you achieve clinically documented and health-promoting effects on staff and patients.
  • You have chosen a sustainable solution with LED that protects the climate and the environment.