Ergonomic Lighting at the HUS Bridge Hospital’s ten operating rooms

Ergonomic Lighting has been chosen for ten operating rooms of HUS Bridge Hospital.

Chromaviso Ergonomic Lighting – a Danish solution – is a zoned, colored, and white lighting for operating and examination rooms. This lighting solution consists of an effective combination of green and red light that provides documented results concerning the working environment, improves screen visibility, reduces reflections, and improves safety during surgery. The lightning also increases patient friendliness. User-friendly LED color lighting increases safety and patient satisfaction.
The lighting solution is tailored to each object as a complete package.


ꟷ HUS has already been able to test Ergonomic Lighting for almost a year. In the spring, we installed Finland’s first Chromaviso solution in the hybrid OR of Meilahti Tower Hospital. The feedback we have received has been positive. It is excellent that Finland utilizes the latest operating room lighting technology, which is already standard in Denmark and Sweden in more than 2,100 projects. User satisfaction is high in these countries, with more than 97% of users considering the light to be very satisfying, says Timo Ohtonen, CEO of PPO-Electroniikka.


Claus Puggaard, Chromaviso’s Sales Director and Co-owner, is pleased that Finland prioritizes health-promoting light. HUS is now leading the way.
ꟷ We installed our lighting solution in the first Danish OR’s in 2006. Since then, we have developed the light together with the users in several research projects. This product’s innovation is unique and demands competencies within user insight, technology, physiology, and light. PPO-Elektroniikka represents us in Finland, is also an expert in hospital electricity. Their MEV-8 insulation monitoring system has ensured electrical safety in Finnish operating rooms for 40 years. Our three-year collaboration has been excellent, Puggaard assures.


Bridge Hospital project
The Bridge Hospital is HUS’s largest construction project ever. The hospital to be built in Helsinki’s Meilahti hospital area will replace Töölö Hospital and part of the current Cancer Clinic’s operations. The construction project started in 2018, and the hospital is complete in 2022. The first patients are admitted in 2023. The builder is HUS Kiinteistöt Oy and SRV as the main contractor.