Circadian lighting to be used in new hospital expansion in the Faroe Islands

Chromaviso from Denmark has delivered the project which will be a flagship in the development of circadian solutions.

The new hospital building covers 14,000 sq. m, distributed on 6 floors. The client has chosen circadian lighting almost everywhere, and the hospital will be ready for commissioning in early 2023. Circadian lighting will support patient therapies as well as the staff’s working environment. As of now, the solution is being completed by ELFO from the Faroe Islands which is in charge of all electrics in the building of the new hospital.

The project is truly exciting and innovative. We're installing circadian lighting for the first time but the process has been incredibly easy and we had only a few challenges

Arne Debess, technical manager and co-owner of ELFO

Circadian lighting has been installed in bed rooms, corridors, common areas, offices and monitoring locations. And the comprehensive solution is worth noticing, says Chromaviso’s project engineer, Kasper Borring Dall.

This solution is special for its consistent implementation in all areas. It is sophisticated and creates a much healthier environment while at the same time being a technically very compact and simple solution.

Kasper Borring Dall, Chromaviso's project engineer


Open system
The circadian lighting solution has DMX controllers.

We are used to working with DALI/KNX but are using DMX for this project. This creates new options and the control principle is very simple. Chromaviso has delivered the entire output section, i.e. DMX controllers and fittings, and we have delivered the entire input section, such as controls - and this collaboration has worked very well

Arne Debess, technical manager and co-owner of ELFO

The controls consist of KNX push buttons delivered and installed by ELFO. The push buttons have been embossed with Chromaviso’s icons and text, adapted to the various wards which make them easy to operate for the users.

The DMX system is the system best suited for dynamic lighting installations in a multicoloured universe because it was developed to provide gradual, natural lighting transitions ensuring full control of the light output to as low as just above zero. At the same time, DMX is the best solution for large-scale, globally synchronised lighting installations.

The system is very simple. It is KNX or Ethernet input for one controller which outputs DMX to the lights. We have removed the complexity from the installation which is a huge benefit for the hospital as very little can fail

Kasper Borring Dall, Chromaviso's project engineer

This means, for example, that installation modifications and maintenance are easy to implement. Each floor has a separate DMX controller where a comparable DALI installation would have required numerous small, individual networks. At the same time, the DMX installation and the hospital CTS have been integrated with a high degree of flexibility.


Adapted to each ward
The new hospital building will include various special wards, such as medical, post operation, rehabilitation, maternity, neonatal and psychiatric wards. The circadian lighting has been customised to each ward and will be adapted further after commissioning.

When the patients and the staff move in and have their first experience with the lighting, we will open a dialogue with each ward about how to adapt it to their exact needs and work flows.

Kasper Borring Dall, Chromaviso's project engineer

He expects this will include natural adaptations to the timing of the circadian lighting, addition of light zones in several rooms and adaptation of the light levels.

The circadian lighting is based on an open system with remote access and online services. This means that the staff will also be able to make future adjustments to the solution in collaboration with Chromaviso’s specialists. At the same time, Chromaviso will be able to use the remote access to service the installation and thereby ensure a high level of reliability.

High expectations

At ELFO, they are looking forward to commissioning the installation.

We are really looking forward to the users moving in. The lighting is ready and it works. It has been an amazing process without any issues. We have handled the minor issues on the way quickly in collaboration with Chromaviso. We expect very reliably lighting in future, as well, and the more reliable the installation, the better

Arne Debess, technical manager and co-owner of ELFO

He also points out that the clinical staff are also looking forward to the new lighting:

“The users seem curious and positive which is very good.”

About the solution

  • 14,000 sq. m with a total of 1423 fittings, 6 touchscreens for operation and 209 control panels
  • Operation is both central via the touchscreen and local using panels in each room
  • The DMX system has Remote access to allow Chromaviso to monitor, service and adapt the installation from the main office in Aarhus
  • Integration with the hospital CTS
  • Based on standard components which are easy to service and spare parts which are easily available
  • The lamps have been developed by Chromaviso for the health sector. Several types of lamps are used for this project: HALO – both 3 and 6 channels, Chroma Line for night light, Chroma Mirror for bathrooms and Chromaviso Spots for offices and bed rooms

All lamps have been synchronised to the dynamics of the circadian lighting from 1800 K to 6500 K