Chromaviso introduces a new table lamp

In the spring of 2023, Chromaviso is launching a table lamp Chroma Table designed for desk use in environments with the evidence-based circadian lighting Chroma Zenit ®.

In collaboration with Chromaviso’s evidence-based circadian lighting, Chroma Table makes it possible for employees at hospitals and nursing homes to have a direct light source on their desks while working in the office or observation/surveillance rooms. The table lamp has been developed with a primary focus on comfort and functionality in design and lighting technology, which makes it both easy to operate and visually appealing.

The perfect combination
Chromaviso’s evidence-based circadian lighting changes automatically as the day progresses. The light’s gentle sunrise and its powerful daylight create a healthy circadian rhythm, energy, and sleep. With the launch of the table lamp, Chroma Table, it will now be possible for the hospital and nursing staff to get many of the same beneficial effects of circadian lighting when working at their desks.

Through its Dim2Amber technology, Chroma Table simulates a natural sunset, which provides the perfect conditions for an undisturbed circadian rhythm and a good night’s sleep. The light intensity of the Chroma Table can be adjusted via a simple rotation of the knob on the base of the lamp. Since the table lamp has integrated colour temperature and light sensitivity, the colour temperature of the light increases and decreases as the brightness is turned up and down. This makes it easy for the employees to adjust both the brightness and colour of the light to align with the circadian lighting in the department.

Tailored for all situations
Chroma Table is optimized to cause as little disturbance as possible without compromising the lighting on the desk surface. In fact, Chroma Table has been specially developed to be used at a desk, which makes the lamp well suited for journaling and other stationary tasks. The lamp’s size and reach are based on standardized desk measurements – and the lamp’s height is designed with consideration for the employees’ screens/monitors.

Chroma Table’s minimalistic interface is designed to be used by everyone, as the lamp’s settings are controlled through intuitive and analogue buttons, while the light projection can be moved back and forth by using a small control stick. This makes it an extremely user-friendly table lamp that requires neither training nor education before use. Despite the many light settings, there is no glare or reflection risk, making the table lamp a comfortable and safe light source.

Smart features make work easier
Chroma Table has an infrared sensor that can be switched on or off as needed. When the sensor is activated, the light automatically switches off during inactivity under the lamp – the light switches on again when activity resumes. The infrared feature reduces the use of unnecessary light when the employee leaves the desk. If, on the other hand, the sensor is switched off, the lamp needs to be switched on and off manually using the button. Chroma Table has both a wireless and wired charging function in the base of the lamp. In addition, the lamp has a built-in sleep timer that can be set to 20, 40 or 60 minutes and is activated by pressing the sleep-timer button. When the timer is activated, the lamp dims the light within the specified time interval, after which the lamp switches off.

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