Event day about circadian lighting and sensory stimuli for people with dementia, neurological disorders and geriatrics

Odense, November 7, 2019

Circadian lighting and sensory stimuli for people with dementia
Get insight into best practice from leading researchers, municipalities and nursing homes. And get ready to succeed in implementing light and sound interventions that bring noticeable effects to citizens and staff.

More and more municipalities and nursing homes use circadian lighting and sensory stimuli as an integral part of care for the elderly with dementia. Research and experience show that lighting and other stimuli can help both residents and staff with challenges such as night wandering, sleep problems, fatigue, depression, anxiety, circadian rhythm disorders and aggressive behaviour.

At this event you will get:

  • A presentation of the latest international research
  • Documentation of the value of circadian lighting as well as music and picture interventions
  • Insight into everyday life with circadian lighting – what does this mean for the department, residents and staff?
  • Examples of how lighting and sound can be used to support behaviour and activities
  • Knowledge of good implementation with a focus on support, habit changes and results


  • Anders West, Physician, Copenhagen University Hospital. Researches the effect of circadian lighting on neurological patients. His findings have been published in international journals.
  • Kirsten Gosvig, Nursing home manager, Ålholmhjemmet, Hillerød Municipality. Has implemented circadian lighting since 2016 and is actively working with the lighting as part of the care and work environment.
  • Thomas Rasmussen, consultant, Odense Municipality. Responsible for the selection of circadian lighting in the municipality, and has carried out a systematic evaluation of the circadian lighting at Herluf Trolle Nursing Center.
  • Torben Skov Hansen, Director of Innovation Chromaviso. Leading lighting expert, member of the international research network on sleep and circadian rhythm, and responsible for the lighting design and circadian rhythm environment of more than 50 hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Dorthe Lynge, Nursing home manager Skovgården, Hadsund. Is part of Demensalliancen, and has worked with sensory stimuli as a tool for the difficult situations – for both residents and staff.
  • Niels Eje, Founder, MusiCure. Presents the evidence behind music intervention in relation to dementia as well as concrete experiences from nursing homes and hospitals.

The event is free. However, we charge a no-show fee of DKK 500. Registration is done via Welfare Tech’s website – but not ready yet. We will post a link as soon as you can sign up.

Contact Ane Søby Eskildsen, Chromaviso at 40804291 or