Sundsvall Hospital: Improved work environment with Ergonomic Lighting

A good working environment for all work groups, increased safety and quality is the result of a prioritization of Chromaviso’s special light in the new operation rooms.

In May 2017, the Hospital in Sundsvall had 14 new operating rooms as part of an extension to the existing hospital. They are state-of-the-art operating rooms for both laparoscopy, occupational surgery, caesarean section and hybrid hall. Based on recommendations from other hospitals in the region and the rest of Sweden, the management chose Chromaviso’s Ergonomic Light in all operation rooms as part of a turn-key solution. The goal was to create the optimal framework for staff and patients.

"It is of great value that we have a perfect screen image. Patient safety is better, the doctor can diagnose more quickly and reduce the risk of error. Other staff in the room can better follow and better look at their work. We are very pleased with the light"

project manager Christer Örneklyft



Thorough implementation
Before the operation, the patient is received in a warm, safe light and after surgery, the staff can turn on a bright white light for cleaning and preparation. This light also contributes to boosting energy and supporting the body’s circadian rhythm.

“It works perfectly and all deadlines have been met.  We are very pleased with the cooperation,” says Christer Örneklyft.

As part of the solution, Chromaviso has conducted a thorough implementation of the light. Both technical in terms of calibration in relation to room conditions, colors and reflections, as well as fine adjustments when the light is taken into use. In addition, a thorough training of staff as well as tips and tricks to apply light to everyday life and ensure good lighting habits so that everyone gets the most out of the light.


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