Natural childbirth and improved working environment with Chroma Zenit

When it was time to update and renovate the maternity ward, management was looking for a solution that supported three visions: Lighting for the various needs during childbirth, the opportunity to create a positive atmosphere and an improved working environment. They chose evidence-based circadian lighting and stimuli lighting from Chromaviso.

The lighting solution has a clinically documented effect, and it supports natural childbirth, hormone balance and atmosphere. The design promotes the production of oxytocin and therefore helps stimulate contractions – and thus, the light becomes an active part of the birth.


This is an excellent natural supplement that we can add to a birth without the involvement of any medication, simply with light.

Simone Mortensen, midwife, working environment representative


Working environment

Circadian lighting improves the energy, well-being and sleep of the staff. Karina Lund, who is the charge midwife, is very happy with this:

”Regarding working environment, I think this has been a great investment for a group of people who have to work at all hours of the day, which puts significant strain on your body. So if you can do a little to help staff get a good night’s sleep and be more rested, this is a great investment for the working environment.”



Light for the phases and needs of the birth

The light settings are situation-specific, and the light contributes positively to the birth experience of the women. This solution makes it possible to creates zones for various work stations and procedures.

”During birth, you aim to create a safe space, and this is easier when you can dim the light and add atmospheric colours. This way, the room provides a holistic experience for the couple,” explains charge midwife Karina Lund.

”As we have been moving into a darker season, I can tell that the circadian lighting does a lot for me when I go home after work. I can be physically tired because I have been busy in the maternity ward, but mentally, I am not as tired,” explains Charlotte Nielsen, midwife, working environment representative.


”When we have someone who wants to give birth in a tub, we use comfort light to provide a sense of security and a feeling of home birth.”

Charlotte Nielsen, midwife, working environment representative


User-friendly design

The light is controlled with an intuitive remote control and can easily be used by staff as well as parents. 

  • Circadian lighting
    Automatically controlled light that changes along with the time of day, similarly to the natural light outside. Circadian lighting supports various situations, for example through night light without blue tones.
  • Soothing light
    Rose-coloured light. Is used to soothe the parents as well as the child, and has a muscle-relaxing effect.
  • Activity light
    Is used when white light is needed for a task.
  • Comfort light
    Amber-coloured light. Provides calm and a sense of security for parents and child.
  • Emergency light
    A strong white light for complications.



Developed by Chromaviso

Chroma Zenit evidence-based circadian lighting has been developed by Chromaviso in cooperation with sleep experts, doctors and researchers.

The solution is used as an active part of the treatment in intensive care units, rehabilitation, maternity wards, neonatal units and nursing homes.

The circadian lighting has a clinically documented effect on depression, fatigue, sleep and circadian rhythm, and it improves the working environment of the staff and reduces sickness absence. 

Chromaviso are specialised in health-promoting light and are responsible for lighting solutions at more than 120 hospitals in Scandinavia. Among others, our specialised light for maternity
wards, neonatal units and ultrasound is available at Lillebaelt Hospital, Aarhus University Hospital, Hvidovre Hospital, Ringerike Hospital, the National Hospital in Torshavn and Uppsala University Hospital. 

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