Facts on Chromaviso

Facts about Chromaviso
Chromaviso is a knowledge-based company specialised in lighting concepts for the health sector. Together with the users, we have developed the unique lighting concepts Ergonomic Lighting and Chroma Zenit Circadian Lighting.

  • Chromaviso solutions are upgraded with the latest LED technology
  • Chromaviso develops its own touch screens, panels and advanced control systems
  • Chromaviso provides a high level of operational reliability through quality products
  • Chromaviso stands out with included total service and continuous follow-up
  • Chromaviso has a comprehensive knowledge about lighting and clinical insight
  • Chromaviso participates in research on the Circadian Lighting of the future

Our company is credit worthy according to Bisnode's credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.
Chromaviso is owned by Claus Puggaard and Anders Kryger, who founded the company in 2006.